Researchers from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago say older people are more likely to believe in god. They assert this to be true unilaterally throughout the world. Per the article:


Across the world, people have varying levels of belief (and disbelief) in God, with some nations being more devout than others. But new research reveals one constant across parts of the globe: As people age, their belief in God seems to increase. The new study is based on data collected as part of the General Social Survey by researchers at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago.... "This suggests that belief in God is especially likely to increase among the oldest groups, perhaps in response to the increasing anticipation of mortality."...."Belief in God has decreased in most countries, but the declines are quite modest, especially when calculated on a per annum basis," the researchers write in their April 18 report of the survey....."If the modest, general trend away from belief in God continues uninterrupted, it will accumulate to larger proportions and the atheism that is now prominent mainly in northwest Europe and some ex-Socialist states may spread more widely," they write, adding that it is possible the trend could go the other way, with belief in God seeing a rebound.

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Hi Madhukar, your idea sounds splendid! I do want my cremains scattered over some fertile ground or in a river. Perhaps the Salmon River where I spent many summers with my grandparents. 

I've heard about this statistic.
hmm...this study doesn't say much for me. The fear of death and realizing that I am not getting younger I am sure I can get but at the same time I don't feel it could be used as anything other than just a study. I am sure there will be those out there who claim this is just more proof god exist but for me, I don't think anything will change my mind. Not even death.

I agree.

Well said. Couldn't agree more

I think accepting reality over fairy tales is like jumping in cold water of a mountain stream on a hot, summer day (which I try to do as often as possible). Chicken shits stay on the bank, safely tucked in to religious fantasy, but they never get to appreciate the full range of experience life has to offer. 


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