Researchers from Stanford School of Medicine assert that 1 in 4 Solomon Islanders carry a gene for blonde hair that is not from Europe. Per the article:


About 5–10% of people from Melanesia, a group of islands northeast of Australia, have naturally blonde hair — the highest prevalence outside Europe. Yet people from the region have the darkest skin pigmentation outside Africa. Now, a study of people from the Solomon Islands in Melanesia shows that they evolved the striking blonde trait independently of people in Europe. This refutes the possibility that blonde hair was introduced by colonial Europeans, says Carlos Bustamante, a geneticist at Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, California, and a senior co-author on the study, which is published today in Science1. "Blonde hair has clearly evolved twice," he says.

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So, they make their own hair dye locally?

Neat! I've always been curious about my own blonde hair. Thanks!

Interesting article! I love the picture they included...what a cute curly top :)

It makes me wonder how religious/creationist types would try to explain this, but then again, they may not have the knowledge needed to understand it. If they are going to deny evolution, they will chalk this up to something in 'gawd's plan'.

Seriously. That kid has a PhD in Cuteology.


Maybe that explains why Jeeezus is blonde. 

Only his hair dresser knows for sure!


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