The Higgs boson particle is usually thought of as the last missing piece of what is referred to as the Standard Model of particle physics. It is sometimes called the god particle because it is supposed to give mass to all other matter in the universe. It had long been theorized to exist in association with the Standard Model but until July of 2012 no particle close to its nature had been discovered. In July 2012 with more than a 99% probability one close to its nature was discovered. Having analyzed more of the July 2012 results scientists are now saying the suspected Higgs is in fact a Higgs boson that is either the one predicted by the Standard Model or one constituting the lightest of a number of bosons theorized by several other models. If it is the one predicted by the Standard Model its characteristics are supposed to imply that our universe is unstable and that in billions of years will come to a cataclysmic end. 

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I am trying to find the video clip when Tyson explains how Higgs Boson came to be called the "god particle". It is an interesting story of the interplay of science, politics and religion. This clip is not it, but the first section contains this topic.
Tyson discusses the search for the Higgs Boson

I'm going to send this because if I don't I will likely lose it. I'll continue looking for the clip I want

Threw my $0.02 in about the Higgs here, as well.

Loren, move the decimal to the right a bunch of points. 

Religion offers just another example of being challenged by a tough problem and then "letgoddoit" becomes the accepted answer. Lost opportunity to learn and grow and mature and develop to a higher plane. 

Thanks John for the discussion. I'm clicking on the link.

By one of my conventions when referring to the alleged deity, this thing should be called the doG particle when I want to satirize its inappropriate nickname.  Makes me think of a favored misinterpretation of Shakespeare's line "Out, damn spot!" 

I wonder if it's because Spot left a large "doG particle" on the carpet.

All joking aside the news coverage I have been reading makes it sound like they are pretty doGGone (sorry couldn't resist) certain of it now.

My understanding is they have found a particle that has the qualities required by the Standard Model to serve as its heretofore missing Higgs boson. However, from what I gather particle also qualifies to serve as a missing boson in other models. Assuming this is the case there would remain the question of which model the newly discovered particle belonged in. It would complete the Standard Model but, I believe because of its weight, in so doing it would necessitate that our universe was unstable. In this the suggestion is that it does not belong in the Standard Model. Also, my understanding is that the Standard Model is inconsistent with the Theory of Relativity which has been thoroughly tested as valid. As such, unless the new particle can be used to help reconcile the Standard Model to Relativity, again, the suggestion is that it does not belong in the Standard Model. Of course, for reasons we don't understand it might belong in the Standard Model anyway. Wherever it belongs it is certainly an extremely interesting find that very appropriately has generated tremendous excitement in both the scientific and lay communities.  




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