I've been following these "laws" and associated kerfuffle over the Islamic veil with only a passing interest until the other day something stuck me - rather like being poked in the eye with the corner of a KJ Bible.

If I correctly understand the "idea" of the veil (the one described in the Qu'ran; not the other ones) is to cover the hair of female adherents to protect them from us leering males.

Cloth was simple and make as we know it up had not been thought of; so no prizes for guessing where I'm going with this.

While standing in a shop waiting to be served my a youngish Muslim woman of non-Caucasian origin) I found my interest piqued by the sheer amount of makeup she was sporting.

Now folks, we're not just talking foundation here - this was the whole enchilada from mascara to eyebrow pencils to (most revealingly) a fairly distinct lipstick. Looking at other Muslims of a similar age, this became a theme - the norm, not an exception.

Lipstick is particularly relevant - I recall studies suggesting that red lips are suggestive of the engorged female genitalia; and there seems to be some credence to this.

Add to that the amazing colours some of these women wear in their veils and you have to wonder if old wasshiface is spinning in his grave.

Seems to be they're having their religious cake and then rubbing our noses in it.


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Works perfectly, now.

Along this line of topic...  I once saw a woman who was sorta the definition of mixed messages: a head scarf--which basically says "Don't look at me."--with sequins on it--which said "Look over here."  Also high heels.  Inside I was chuckling pretty hard.



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