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I have just posted a new essay on my blog that you might find interesting -- New Clothes for Shakespeare and Sondheim or: THE ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE. 


The essay spins off of a theme in my new novel, Traveling in Space, coming out next month from Blüroof Press, which is calling it, “A unique science fiction first-contact novel from the point-of-view of the aliens; a 21st Century Gulliver's Travels with Homo sapiens as the Lilliputians.”  


I would love for members of this community to read and, if they wish, comment on the essay, either on my blog or here.


As Traveling in Space gives consideration to the topics of this group, and is deeply informed by my atheism, my publisher, Dave Doody (who by day is a senior flight engineer at JPL/NASA) asked me to extend an offer to the Atheist Nexus community. If you think you would be interested in reading Traveling in Space, Dave would be happy to make available to the first ten people who respond a free PDF download of the proof copy of the book.  All that he asks in return is that if you like the book enough to recommend it to people -- or even dislike it enough to warn them off -- please let us know how you have done this. Was it by real person-to-person word-of-mouth; emails, a post on your blog; postings on atheist/rationalist/secular websites and blog or SCI FI and fiction websites and blogs, etc.? 



To read my essay please go to: http://stevenpaulleivasthisnthat.blogspot.com/2011/09/new-clothes-for-shakespeare-and.html


To get the link for the free download of a pdf of Traveling in Space, email me at FirstFixxer@aol.com and put “TIS Preview” in the subject line.


I thank you all for you time and consideration.


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Just wanted to let everybody here know that I will be a guest on The Ardent Atheist, Emery Emery's  internet radio show on October 26th talking about Traveling in Space and matters of atheism, faith, rationality and -- of course -- it's opposite!

If you haven't checked out this show yet, I highly recommend it. It covers many of the issues of interest to all of us, with the added benefit that, being hosted by a stand up comic and with many top flight comics as guests -- it's damn funny!


You can check it out here= http://ardentatheist.com/


Best to all,

Reading the description of Hotdoggen's arrogance of ignorance, I recognized a familiar pattern. 

How ignorant male predators devalue females as prey is a very devastating arrogant behavior and attitude.   No matter, how much a woman is intelligent, educated, knowledgable, skilled, it makes no difference in how she is perceived.   Those predators are willfully ignorant in their denial of a woman's brain, they are arrogant and reduce all women to no more than a body to be used.  

Pondering a bit more over the arrogance of ignorance inspired me to write a blog entry: 

The Philistine's Sour Grapes Of Knowledge

Maruli -- read these posts and you blog, and you are right in how many males devalue the intelligence of women when they have intelligence.  But we are dealing with millions of years of biology and men are responding to it.  However -- the great thing about our species is that we can rise above or biology, with have the capacity not to just blindly follow it.

I wrote a play called The Reluctant Heterosexual. The main character, a biologist, absolutely loves and has a desire for the most beautiful of women. But if he meets a beautiful woman and nothing smart comes out of her mouth, he is immediately turned-off -- no matter how much he might not want to be.  Resolving this conflict is the thrust of the play.


I have always lover intelligent people and i have often found more of them among the women I meet than the men I meet. AND I married one.  but thin, I'm a guy who dislikes all sports!

But we are dealing with millions of years of biology and men are responding to it.  However -- the great thing about our species is that we can rise above or biology, with have the capacity not to just blindly
follow it.

To be able to rise above biology is unfortunately not the same as being motivated and attracted to do so.

But I do NOT claim, that all men are predators, who insult women by their arrogant ignorance of automatically behaving as if all women's heads were void of a brain.    There are others, who do respect women.  

I expressed my frustration about the 'predator pattern' as a reaction to my personal experience.    Predators seem to be omnipresent, while the mindmate kind seems to be very elusive.   


It seems that sometimes only personal contact triggers the predator pattern.  Men, who have been fully able to have an interesting and egalitarian correspondence online, turn off their brain detection antenna, when they personally meet a woman inside a real life body.  

The male behavior on dating sites seems nearly always to be driven by the wish to establish the predator pattern.   When I get into contact with someone on such a site, the first thing more often than not is their demand for a picture.   When I suggest to them to read instead my ERCP-blog and to find out, if there is intellectual common ground, they usually are not interested and are often not even polite enough to reply.  And I am already selective in limiting contacts to at least college education.     


Hello. all!


Wanted to let you know that Traveling in Space is now available from Amazon as a trade paperback. http://www.amazon.com/Traveling-Space-Steven-Paul-Leiva/dp/06154785...


Also, we have a few free downloads of the PDF ebook available if anyone one else would like to read it. Just email me at firstfixxer@aol.com and put AU-TIS Preview in the subject line. I'm just asking people if they like it, to please spread the word. And if you don't like it and want to warn the world, that's okay too!


Also, I'm asking people who've read the book to -- if they can -- to post a review on the book's Amazon page.  I love to hear read people's reactions to my work.


Best to all,




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