A new report, commissioned by the new BBC Trust, has made some interesting and overdue observations about the quality of science reporting on the UK's BBC Network.




What angers me most (and it may you too) is that when ordinary viewers complain, they are passed off with a friendly wave... yet, these very issues have been identified by Prof. Jones long after I (and I'm sure my contemporaries) have complained often quite vehemently.


Now, perhaps we have a chance to challenge the BBC on it's puerile complaints process particularly when science topics are in dispute.


If you're a UK resident and licence payer (the BBC Tax) I would encourage you to read this report and then demand the BBC - via your MP if necessary - that it pulls its socks up and reevaluates the input of complainants who might be rather more informed than the people reading, and then ignoring, the issues we raise - such as bias and inaccurate reporting.

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