Fifth (and last) part of the 2006 documentary The God Delusion. Biologist and professor Richard Dawkins explores the unproven beliefs that are treated as factual by many religions and the extremes to which some followers have taken them.

Dawkins argues that the process of non-thinking called faith is not a way of understanding the world, but instead stands in fundamental opposition to modern science and the scientific method, and is divisive and dangerous.

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Dawkins has a wonderful kindness about him when he interviews people who when they find out Dawkins is an atheist turn hostile. This is a very delicate thing to be able to do and it allows the viewer to be much more sympathetic to the words of Dawkins.

Thank you Kirk. It's one reason I enjoy watching his videos.

I have seen this video many times and the hostility scares me. I live in a predominantly theist country and I face this kind of hostility everyday but I still can't get used to it.




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