The Great Work of Our Time by John D Liu

John D Liu shows what is possible for Earth restoration on a massive scale, delivering a message hope and inspiration.

We live in a time of profound change, an end of the old and beginning of a new era of human civilization. It is a time of chaos with many risks facing us unless we make informed decisions based on reasoning and critical thinking. 

There was a time in Earth’s history when great forests existed filled with unbelievable diversity of flora and fauna. In place after place civilizations grew until people out populated the ecosystems beyond their ability to sustain society. Once great cultures grew and died. Why? In too many places it was because of poor farming techniques, lack of sequestering water, and too many people. The Earth’s natural fertility withered away to wastelands. 

We now know it is possible to restore large damaged ecosystem. We see the evidence of using different water management, enlightened farming techniques, and different lifestyles with different values resulting in restored, rehydrated soils and fertility to the land. We observe the positive changes to society, air, water, and soils in such diverse places as the Loess Plateau in China, the Valley of the Jordan River, in the Amazon River Basin, and many small projects completed by communities.

It is not only possible to remove toxicity from contaminated air, soils, and water, it is possible to sequester carbon, and restore natural fertility, it is necessary to do this if we want future generations to live in peace and prosperity.  

“For humanity to further evolve it is necessary to transition from a society dedicated to consumption to a society dedicated to ecological function.” 

Living in society as it collapses under the old order it offers a harbinger of a time of full employment, equality, purpose and fulfillment. 

“This is THE GREAT WORK OF OUR TIME and we are called to understand and participate in it.”


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