Jesus of Nazereth 0(ish) A.D.: Born on December 25 to a virgin (Mary mother). His birth was announced by a star in the East and was adored by three kings. Jesus was a child teacher at 12. Jesus was baptized by John the baptist at 30. Jesus was resurrected after 3 days.

Horus of Egypt 3000 B.C.: Born on December 25 to a virgin Isis (Meri mother). His birth was announced by a star in the East and was adored by 3 kings.  Horus was a child teacher at 12. Horus was baptized by Anup the baptizer at 30. Horus was resurrected after 3 days.

This is Sean and Fritz from the Mythicist Milwaukee organization. We just wanted to inform people about our organization and meetup group. We meet in downtown Milwaukee to discuss the information provided through mythicism. We are a young organization that is reaching out to local groups and individuals that are in line with our cause.

Whether you are an atheist, humanist, agnostic etc. the information provided through mythicism provides factual historical data to help explain the origins of the supernatural stories of the modern day religions. The mythicist position or mythicism is not a religion, but a study of our ancient ancestor’s mythology and how they relate to the natural phenomenon of astrotheology. What is showcased is how similar the modern day religions are to the ancient myths and how we can explain them through things as elementary (in this day and age) as the movement of the sun and stars. The mythicist position does not conclude that god doesn't exist, (you cannot disprove a negative) but it can help prove where these stories actually originated from, which in a lot of cases liberates the mind. If you are familiar the work of Acharya S you are familiar with mythicism. 

We are currently looking to present ourselves and the mythicist position to those that would find value. If you have any questions please let us know. We feel that it is important that organizations support one another in order to help break the cycle of spreading religious misinformation generation to generation. For details please visit: ... Mythicism/ 
Visit our Website:
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We are also on Twitter

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The Acharya S. Mythicist Position is the one and only correct position. I will definitely like your FB page and follow you on Twitter. : )

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Are we talking about the crap that was added to the movie, Zeitgeist?  There's a lot of sketchy, inaccurate information in that movie and in a lot of the stuff that Acharya S. does.  At the very least, the mythicist position is seriously overstating the case and asserting certainty where it's unwarranted.

Thank you very much. We will follow back of course. How are you familiar with Acharya S?

I've know about her work for years. I think, if I remember correctly, I first heard about her after watching the first Zeitgeist movie. As you probably already know, Peter Joseph acquired all of the religious information in the movie from Acharya and her work.


I have corresponded with D.M. Murdoch, aka Acharya S, starting about 12 years ago and I have proffered favorable review of some of her books on Amazon.  From an anthropological standpoint, I think there is merit to the "astrotheology" theory, partly because of the primary sources cited by Ms. Murdoch.  Her secondary sources are not always so impressive.   

You realize that this author has her detractors among non-believers as much as among Christians, if not more so.  The tenets and attributes of millenia of religious observance and practice do not equate with the hard and firm conclusions from mathematical problem solving or scientific experimentation.  Sometimes I think this reality is lost on both proponents of "mythicist" assertion and its critics. 

Just FYI, for a professional association here, I was invited to present a lecture and powerpoint recently on Feb. 2nd.  I chose as my topic,  "the groundhog: a cross-quarter day icon of astrotheology.".      


Also, this discussion may be a little off-topic for this Nexus group.  You may want to consider moving it elsewhere.     

Acharya has gracefully helped promote our group. She has corresponded with us on various topics as well. Her tireless work coupled by the importance of her material has inspired us to help promote it.

We understand why the theist sect would want to dismiss the information as it damages their whole foundation. We are however confused by the non-theist critics. Mythicism provides the most logical explanation of the missing link between theism and atheism. Astrotheology is definitely one of the strongest points. We have however received positive feedback and support from local atheist orgs. and meetups.

Is there a link that you would like us to share to promote your lecture event  We are currently putting a PowerPoint together on the whole of the Mythicist Position and will be presenting it in our local meetup groups. It would be nice to see someone else's presentation for comparison.

Do you feel the Mythicist Position is off topic for Atheist Nexus?

I do not think the mythicist assertions and underlying information are off topic for Atheist Nexus at all.  This particular group pertains to the discussion of evolutionary biology and its impact on humankind both as stated theory and in reality since Darwin's original theses.  I am not a moderator here, but I think your topic may be more relevant in some other focus at Atheist Nexus.   

Beyond "mythicism", I am impressed that Ms. Murdoch states a convincing case for the correlation of ancient religious observance with observation of celestial patterns in nature.  She provides compelling arguments that the ensuing myths are syncretized to each other across divergent cultures.  Most especially, ancient Judaism and its later spinoff of nascent Christianity are often portrayed as very independent separate religious revelations.  Many of us know this to be ridiculous, but Murdoch does the best job of revealing data and information that debunks this shibboleth. 


Where she gets into trouble is when she occasionally espouses a conspiratorial motive to the foundation of Christianity and its growth to secret conniving on behalf of Roman Imperial objectives and aims for an obediant population.  There is little evidence for such until Constantine, who had Christians in his family, sought to unite a divided Empire under a single banner.    


In other forums, I have suggested that the respected eschatology of Hebrew scripture was threatened by the fall of the Temple and Jerusalem by 70 CE.  The prevailing pagan concepts as a logos link to heavenly perfection and saving atonement by the death of offsprings of the gods was merged with Jewish tradition to attract new followers and rescue very old scripture.  Acharya has agreed with my analysis.                

I enjoy hearing about the myths of all nations and cultures, including my own. Thanks for starting this thread!


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