Lawrence Kraus delivers an amazing talk on cosmology. He brings us up to date on our latest understanding of the universe -- while getting in a few jabs at God. This is a MUST watch . . . even though it runs over an hour. Absolutely the most informative hour I've spent in my life.

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Unfortunately, my computer wont open it.
It still wont open.
An .flv file will not play on standard Quicktime. I use VLC to play .flv files on a Mac. There might be a codec to allow you to play .flv on Quicktime.
I think Quicktime 10 in SnowLeopard, OSX 10.6, will play .flv files. The older Quicktime 7 in Leopard, OSX 10.5 may need a special support file called a Codec. There is a Codec for each multimedia format. Quicktime comes packaged with Codecs for formats commonly used. But some may be missing. A popular Public Domain package called Perian is often used to provide the missing Codecs.
If you didn't add any Public Domain software on your Mac, then I can't explain how your Quicktime 7.6.4 was able to play .flv files. If you added some Public Domain software, check if you added Perian, you can see it in System Preferences in the Others group at the bottom.

To upload files, there is an "Upload Files" link right below the "Reply to This" box.
I assume that both of your questions were answered.

You mentioned that you were about to about to install SnowLeopard. I just switched to SnowLeopard last month, and there are some problems. The one that upsets me is that you could loose your OCR capability from your scanner.

If you like we can continue this discussion outside the forum. I am new to social networks, so I am not sure if we need to be "friended" in order to do this.
There's a free video player, called GOM Media Player, that plays just about anything and is really simple to use. Its play list lets you play videos in any order, without regard for file type. This is convenient if you download a series of videos . . . you can play them in order, automatically, which seamlessly makes it appear to be a single video.

Anyway, it's available from

Oops, I see others have already steered you to a video player. The one I linked to is for PCs, not Macs.
So far the discussion was on WHAT was said; I was more impressed by WHO said it.

This video introduced me to Larry Krauss. I was so impressed by his talk that I looked him up on the Web and discovered that he wrote several books explaining Physics to the layman. The latest book is "The Physics of Star Trek".

Can anyone recommend this, or any other of his books?
Hey Larry,

I stole, I mean I copied that same image a couple of days ago. It thought is was a pretty good graphic on the topic.
I would recommend "Fear of Physics" by Lawrence Krauss.

I don't know if it is because I am biased that I recommend this book (as I have a copy he autographed for me when I met him in Bethesda, MD), or that it's just a really good book. I suspect that it is a bit of both.
I looked the sample on Amazon. It looks pretty good. I see that it is available at my local Howard County, MD library. I think I'll check it out tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
Hi Michael,

Larry Kraus has appeared, many times, on science TV shows and has many videos available on YouTube. He has also been taped at various events along side such luminaries as Dawkins and others.


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