Here's fresh reassurance that only scientifically-accredited explanations for the ORIGINS OF LIFE AND THE COSMOS can be taught in British schools.


In Britain, besides the tens of thousands of state schools and the hundreds of expensive fee-paying 'public' schools, there's the relatively new phenomenon of academies or free schools, started under the Labour government and actively encouraged since 2010 by the new Conservative government. 
Such academies can be founded and largely supported by any rich-enough group and yet also receive state support. 
More than 300 such groups have applied to the Department of Education to launch free schools----like the Everyday Champions Church in Newark, Nottinghamshire, which wants to teach creationism as if it was science.
The Department of Education, however, has again emphasised that it "will not accept any academy or free school proposal which plans to teach creationism in the science curriculum." Such ideas can only be discussed as beliefs within religious education classes. 
Hurrah for that (except that I would rather there were no 'religious education' classes---unless taught by atheists and humanists). 

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I am afraid that so long as the C of E maintains its unelected status in the House of Lords and the monarchy is the head of the C of E it will be very difficult for British school children to totally avoid the "spiritual and moral advantages provided by 'religious education' classes." I would be very surprised if either one goes away quietly or without a fight.

 I think it is ok to teach science in science class, and any or all religious stuff in the same classes you would teach any other mythology in.  After all, that is what they all are, right? No one suggests teaching chemistry in a language arts class, and likewise, no one should teach creationism in science class.  Good for the Department of Education in not allowing something that sounds rediculous.




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