The Universal Love Triangle

There are two ideas that bother me;  “forever” and “The Big Bang Theory”.

The word “forever” bothers everyone if they stop and think about it.  Our minds cannot grasp the true meaning of forever.  The actual thought is beyond our comprehension.  We can say it, and mean it, but we cannot visualize it.  If I say, “the universe doesn’t have an edge, it goes on forever.”  We can’t understand that.  We want to visualize an edge, or border, or wall, or something.  But FOREVER!!  That almost hurts trying to imagine it.

The second term, or idea that bothers me is “The Big Bang Theory”.  If I understand it correctly,  The Big Bang Theory says that everything in the universe was all  together in one speck the size of the period at the end of this sentence, and then all of a sudden, fourteen and a half billion years ago, the period exploded in what is called the Big Bang, and voila, we have the universe as we see it now.  And the expansion is continuing.  We know that “our part” of the universe, that is to say the part we can observe,  is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.  I say “our part” because we don’t know what is happening in other parts of the universe that we can’t see.

The one part of of this theory that bothers me the most is, why did that period wait until just 14.5 billion years ago to explode?  That period had just been sitting there forever, and then for no apparent reason it decided to explode.

There is one more idea that needs mentioning before I go on with my explanation.  That is the idea that there might be more than one universe like ours.  The theory is called the “multi-universe theory”.   There is no evidence that this is the case, but it is considered a possibility.  And still another possibility is that our universe is part of something in a much larger universe.  For instance, our entire universe might make up one of the keys on someone’s computer keyboard.

Up until two or three decades ago, it was thought that the universe was expanding, and that the total amount of gravity in the universe would stop the outward expansion, and then it would collapse back in on itself.

Of late, it was discovered that this is not the case,  The outward expansion is not slowing as it should, but is in fact, speeding up!  What could possibly explain this scenario?

Have you ever seen someone blow a smoke ring?  Or seen a smoke ring machine blow rings at a fair?  Or been on a naval vessel when it fired its guns?  Look at the vessel below shooting its guns.   Do you see those red rings?  There are also some  smaller smoke rings between the guns and the red rings.  What I want to focus on is the shape of the rings.  They’re like donuts.  Round, with “donut holes”.

For my explanation, I want to make one of the rings  solid, and cut it in half so that we are looking at the donut from the side, as shown below. 

With the explosion originating below the ring, the things that make up that ring will travel in the direction shown.  As the ingredients move up from the inner wall toward the outer wall of the ring, they will steadily separate faster and faster from each other in the same manner as we are observing in our universe.

So!!  Our universe is shaped like a donut!!

But wait, there‘s more!!  A normal explosion (like the Big Bang), does not make smoke rings.  It just makes a big ball of flame, much like they first envisioned the universe to be.  To get a smoke ring, the explosion has to happen in a tube-like devise.  Like a gun barrel.

It wasn’t a period after all.  It was a bullet that exploded!!  And it is dark out there in the universe, so it must have been a husband that came home at night, and found a man in bed with his wife, and shot him.

It just goes to show you, it happens at all levels.

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I'm with you there for sure.  I highly doubt that this is the only universe.  

Yes, I realize that the universe exists within the expanding balloon. If we all pull apart from each other faster in all directions, then  our position is inside the balloon, with expansion taking place until all stars go beyond our constellation's view. 

I know Krauss says the universe if flat. I don't get that concept. My mind just doesn't get it. 

That's why I mentioned that there is no balloon, that it's just a way of showing what an expansion would look like.  But the universe is flat as the numbers show.  The thing is, that we are so small, that we are like the atoms inside the fiber of the paper.

Let's see if I can imagine this. The universe expands in all directions forming what could be described as the inside of a balloon. The galaxies and stars move away from each other until they get beyond our ability to see them. All of this occurs on a flat membrane or "brane" as Brian Cox, Brian Greene and Lawrence Krauss explain. 

Oh my goodness, that is big! I am small. Life is a precious gift.  Let's have some fun. 

Yes, get me a cold icy ShockTop!

Our thoughts can travel at 14.7 billion light years in less than a second

Okay, explain.

Cat got yer tongue Jimmy?

Oh, oh!!  This just popped up on my honme page:

Maybe I'm right after all..How timely!!


Err, no, you're reading that picture wrong.  That picture isn't saying that the universe is shaped like a tube ... definitely not like a cigar smoke ring.  It's representing the three spacial dimensions with only two, and it's using the third dimension to represent the passage of time.  The length of the expanding tube is representative of time.

I was refering more to my feeling that there was no big bang.  Remember I said I thought someone misplaced a decimal, or something, and that I think the universe goes on forever, and never had a beginning.

The cigar shape was only used to expain one possible reason the universe seems to be expanding faster and faster as time goes by.  I used the tube to explain to one of the readers how a smoke ring is dynamic, rather than just a more or less stable ring.


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