The Mars rover, Curiosity, has come across a rock that looks amazingly like a thigh bone. Of course the picture went viral. Per the article:



NASA’s Curiosity rover has spotted a "thigh bone" on Mars -- or at least that’s what some paranormal types would have you believe. The folks at UFO Blogger wrote this week that the rover’s MastCam had captured a photograph of a "fossilized thigh bone" on the red planet on August 14....As Ron Sletten, a scientist on the Curiosity team, indicated on the agency's site, "the object is an interesting study in how wind and the natural elements cause erosion and other effects on various types of rocks." The Huffington Post reached out to NASA for comment about the "bone." This post will be updated with any new developments.

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Jesus was the first one off of the UFO, sent out as a scout.  That's why they moved on to another planet, I guess, after what we did to him.

As the delicate art of sarcasm sometimes passes unnoticed in electronic communications ...

Nah, I caught it.  I just tend to escalate, in response.

*cranks Sarcast-o-Meter's™ sensitivity level to 11*

That is absolutely not a fossilized thigh bone.  More correctly known as a femur - lets be accurate.


It's a fossilized mermaid tail. 

    There you go. They were right! The theists now have proof that the Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways.

I just watched a debunking of Numerology use to "prove" intelligent design of the rocks in the Cydonia area of Mars.  The area where the "face" is located.  The debunking is done in 15 minutes, between minute 33 and 48 of a skeptics TAM presentation found here:

This is his conclusion:

Annnnnd....CBC News tweets it and the Sarcastic Rover replies - here  

(Complete aside: I love the Sarcastic Rover tweets.)

No problem!

Likewise.  It's a concern, in the real world, with all of the nuts out there who actually believe the stuff, but it makes great inspiration for fiction.

Do tell us John when the rest of the fossilized skeleton is found!

I am among those who think the discovery is a weathered rock.



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