We are currently in the most rapid rate of innovation in science and technology as well as its impact on societies in the history of human culture and are on the edge of completely new realms of science and technology  currently blossoming in labs and universities around the world.  Just today vat grown meat was demonstrated in the form of a hamburger - a development that could solve the critical lack of protein in the diets of people in 3rd world countries as well as decreasing the amount of arable land devoted to the raising of cattle .

Nanotechnology, material sciences, genetic engineering, alternative energy sources, quantum computing, life extension to name a few areas of emerging science/technology.

Serendipity aside (alien contact, world peace, Jebus reappears etc.) what, in your opinion, will be the three most game changing developments in science and technology in the next 50 years?

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50 years?  That's a long time.  I think that within 25 years the world will be completely different.

Major deceases like cancer will be gone because the method of detection will be vastly superior and early detection means a skyrocketing survival rate.  See Ted.com; Promising Pancreatic Canter Test.

Within 25 years the computational power of a computer will be greater than the human mind (counting on Moore's Law).   Robotics will reach a level of efficiency that is downright scary.  I just say something on youtube where they are promising robots with our capabilities by 2045.  That's 30 years, 50 is almost twice that time, so by 2060, we'll see robots with far greater capabilities then humans.

Cars will ALL be radar driven, dropping the number of accidents.

In 10 years will have the entire solar system's orbiting asteroids mapped out and will be the first time we can actually be confident of surviving asteroids.

But looking at 50 years, we'll see people living way over 100 years in a 60 year old or younger physical state and printed everything from airplanes to computers.

I think 50 years from now, everything will change...

If we can survive ourselves and religion.




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