Thunderbolts Of The Gods has come to the attention of the local community.

The video so far as I have watched has not explained how ancient civilizations could have viewed some of these remote universes (that they overlaid ancient symbols on) without modern technology 

But other than that...I don't find it all that surprising that plasma and magnetic fields could play a significant role in the formation of the universe, so why do I get a serious Zeitgeist feel from this? Is it just the sun god stuff or there something else "exotic" about this that I am missing?

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Daniel, I watched the first 5 minutes or so and then went on a search of the film makers. Are they anti- or pro- science? or god? If there is a preference, it will surely show up soon ... except I get caught very easily by fallacies, and the Creationists are very clever at drawing one in. I don't want to know your perception just yet, but I do want to alert you to my questions. On with the film ...
Daniel, my speakers do poorly, and in this moment I can not understand what these people want to say. But, my site has the answer to your question:
First, it was possible for only some people from the elites of ancient civilizations.
Second, they had to use very high technology.
There is a fundamental difference between "modern" and "high" technology.
(The point is that the today history attributed to high technology toward modern times only.)

By the way, the biblical term "word" that's just an secular (laic) expression for the electromagnetic wave:
Well I found that lists this as "Hoax Science".

I had a real problem with the part where they claimed the ancient sky was different: "...planets are charged bodies in space, and they have not always moved on their present orbits. Only a few thousand years ago our ancestors lived beneath an alien sky, as planets close to Earth loomed huge above them."

I also recall a part where they talk about smashing a probe into an asteroid or something and it giving off a huge electrical field. That all sounds like bunk.

Well in any case I love looking at pictures of the universe so it wasn't all a loss =) (closing thread)




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