Today is the first anniversary of starting “Origins”.

I had joined Atheist Nexus in August 2008 and I soon thought that a group discussing the ideas and problems of “origins” of any kind, whether actual (through responsible scientific research, discovery and rational contemplation) or specious (as with unproven beliefs including the fraudulent religions and other swindles, impostures, deceits and hoaxes), would be helpful.

There have been 175 topics with thousands and thousands of fine contributions.

Thank you all.

It makes a good read turning back through the pages.

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Congratulations Terence, it is a great group to be a part of. I am still working my way reading through the backlog of posts on this forum, keep them posts coming everyone.
"Thank you all."

No, thank YOU, Dr Meaden! Most sincerely for giving us all a place to have a rant about this very important subject.
Thank you.
I'm a newbie at Atheist Nexus as well as this discussion group, and I anticipated that I would receive honest and forthright responses here. I was right. 8-)
Thank you for this group!
No, Thank YOU Dr Meaden. I learn something new every day. It's a great group.



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