Tree of Life by Leonard Eisenberg

The Great Tree of Life by Leonard Eisenberg

"We are related not only to every living thing, but also to every thing that ever lived."

"The geologic time scale on the Great Tree of Life begins at the center bottom, at Earth's birth, more than four thousand million (4 billion) years ago. As you move away from this center point toward the outer margin of the tree, geologic time gets younger and younger, until at the outer curved edge of the tree you arrive at the present day. Times on the geologic time scale are shown at the base of the diagram in millions of years before present. These are traced through the tree of life along curved, dashed time lines. All points on a curved, dashed time line are of the same age. For example; any point on the dashed time line labeled '1000' represents a time 1000 million years (that's equal to one billion years) in the past. Similarly, any point on the outer margin of the tree represents time today. Any point on the tree of life can be placed in geologic time by using these curved time lines."

~Evolutionary Genealogy

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Idaho Spud, I agree, it would be interesting to see all at once, however, keep in mind the vast amount of time we talk about. Be sure to go to the orignal because you can zoom in on any part and see much more detail.

The new Tree of Life that is just coming out is based on fractal geometry, and so you can zoom in and read details unable to be seen on other kinds of trees.
OneZoom launch video and demonstration

Here are some other trees of life; very imaginative.

Fantastic diagram, Joan! That's a keeper.




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