Islam, today, invites strong comments. Many persons have expressed strong reservations about Islamic character, present and the past, and deep worries about the world’s future because of the great threat the Islamic extremism represents to human civilization. What is it that holds the power to soften Islam? How far it will succeed in doing it? Read on and comment.                                                         


“India has been a target for al Qaeda and the global jihadist movement for over a decade. India has often been listed by bin Laden and his accomplice Ayman Zawahiri as a part of the ‘Crusader-Zionist-Hindu’ conspiracy against the Islamic world. The targets of the killers in Mumbai—Americans, Brits, Israelis and Indians--fit exactly into the profile al Qaeda and its partners vilify and plot against. Both bin Laden and Zawahiri have spoken about the “U.S-Jewish-Indian alliance against Muslims.”

(Bruce Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution)


More importantly, Indianized Islam is probably the most sophisticated and liberal Islam in the world, because of its prolonged nurturing in the Indian soil. Islam needs the same kind of Reformation as Christianity underwent in the past few centuries. India, with its long experience of Islam co-existing with other religions, its large Muslim population, and its Hindu-Buddhist experience, is the ideal environment for Islamic liberalization. Islamic majority nations lack the experience of pluralism, democracy, and the Hinduism-Buddhism environment. Western countries have too small a Muslim population, and too recent an encounter, to be incubators. India is the ideal climate for a breakthrough.

(Quoted from

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Wow!  Grown ups are hateful bigots?

I have placed two viewpoints in this discussion post, both of them involve India. India is one country that has faced and is still facing, the worst of Islam without being an agressor. The UK left India after vivisecting India as the parting kick of divide and rule policy and countries like the US and China, have thereafter molly-coddled the islamists for their own interests.

It is true, as stated in the second opinion above, that India, with its  Hindu-Buddhist and Hindu-Jain history, can have a softening effect on Islam. Theoretically, this is true but the country will have to pay a very price for this. As I see it, the real hope comes from science that will bring so fast paced changes in to this world that all religions, good or bad, will be blown away by its force.

This would take some time but what can we expect from humans, all humans, to do till then?

I am just now opening my mail and found this interesting discussion. I am too tired just now to respond thoughtfully, but I am sending you a talk that Neil deGrasse Tyson gave that rings true for Islam centuries ago and what is happening now with Christianity. I've posted this several times, but he does such a good job of historical knowledge.

Isdu- A new moderate religion where you are only allowed to suicide bomb those who don't belong in the right caste.  An improvement?

Ficking Chucken

Your reply is amusing, but I wanted something more than this. Should we intensify the violent war on terrorism? Should we try to convince the jehadists that they will never achiev any  objective by violence on earth and there are no maidens and gardens waiting for them in the heaven?

Are there things that we can do till science takes over?

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