I'm E H Smith, a new member of Nexus.  My new book is out.  It is titled JUST US FOR ALL.

The first thing I did in that book was to briefly explain my theory.  My theory is Universal

Evolution.  Basically, I hold that all things evolve/change, not just organic life.  I hold that

this is true from -20 billion years ago, and I outline it in my book.

I hold that it wasn't just a little Big Bang.  It was 10 billion years of accumulation of two

great masses followed by a collision and an explosion beyond all belief.  That set off the

Universal Evolution we know of.

I was a mountain climber, and I studied the changing mountains.  I saw the seas change

the shores.  I raised and studied wolves for twenty years, and I researched wolf-dog

hybrids.  Hybrids offered fast paced evolution before my very eyes!

We are a tiny speck in an ocean of Universal Evolution!  Thank you!

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Tell us more E H Smith?

Do you have a link to your book?

Have you had any reviews as yet?

What is your target market?

My publisher is Publish America.  Run a search for title or E H Smith at www.publishamerica.net ...

JUST-US FOR ALL is in hardcover only, about $19.99 at 65 pages (kinda high).  With this publisher

I pay for promotions/marketing.  I've just begin, and it isn't yet at Google Books, Amazon or B&N,

etc.  No, I wouldn't yet have any reviews.  I guess my target is anyone.  I don't use links...  The

book explains more, including socialism (and the social nature of many animals).  Thank you!

What's your background Earl?  A/S/L?

Earl - does your publisher have their own marketing campaign?

Uh okay, I really hate to sound like a downer, but what's your math on this?

I have the same question as the downer.

I'm not a math-head.  Math has little to do with what we can "observe".  Math has little to do with intuition.

Math has little to do with instinct.  Math has little to do with greater theories.  ...  My background is self-

taught.  No, I'm not a PhD.  (Does this disqualify me?)

Sorry; I did some digging, and I do have some math for you all...  A. Wolf-dog hybrids, canis lupus

dybowski x lycaon x dog, at 9/16 to 3/4 wolf.  12- 15 pairs.  B. Avg. 6.5 cubs per litter.  C. Mutated

Advances= 1 in 48 cubs= evolution.  D. Mutated throwbacks= 1 in 128 cubs.  E. Mut. defects= 1 in

137 cubs.  (averaged).  ...  Pure bred wolves= Mutations (unknown types)= 1 in 128.  Mother ate

such cubs!  ...  Conclusion:  Hybridization plays a roll in evolution.  (Did not experiment with other

hybrid types)

I don't think this was the kind of math that was being asked for.


"I hold that it wasn't just a little Big Bang.  It was 10 billion years of accumulation of two

great masses followed by a collision and an explosion beyond all belief."

…needs math to be taken seriously.

"My theory is Universal Evolution."

Well, it isn't science, or scientific theory by any stretch of the imagination. I also wonder if there is any basic understanding of cosmology, physics, biology, geology, at all involved. It even sounds more like uneducated speculation than hypothesis. Theory? …no way.

"Math has little to do with what we can "observe"

Sorry… observing and measuring are almost always the same thing, …in science. No math, no science.

LOL     In 65 years I've experienced all kinds of blatant snobbery.  I think I'll leave this "group".

Bye.  E H Smith

You can also stay and defend your book, mate. If not... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_jWkmcNTRKFc/SwbEYnTQe8I/AAAAAAAAB8w/sR3UT...




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