There are many members who use pseudonyms for participating in discussions as well as for registering. Why does any one want to hide one's true identity? Personally, I am given to strong expressions, yet I do not want to use a pseudonym. Should this practice be permitted and continued on A N?


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By the way, if some use a pseudonym instead of their name, what is the word for someone who does not use their own photo. Pseudophoto? 

As MADHUKAR KULKARNI stated, "Should this practice be permitted and continued on A N?"

Oh! How foolish of me!  Of course it is an avatar. 

 Friends, I did not mean this to be a serious topic when I started this post. I have, however, discovered some serious reasons for adopting a pseudonym. No objection at all! Wish you a best next name! As far I am concerned, I stop here.



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