Historians now take look at the possibility that Columbus was Jewish

Some historians say that there is now compelling evidence that Columbus was Jewish and used his historic journey to find a new homeland for the Jewish people.  Meanwhile, conservative Christians who listen to David Barton are holding their fingers in their ears and yelling "LALALALALA!  i CAN'T HEAR YOU!!"

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It really took a lot for me to not say, I can't converse with you, you're a moron.

Umm, why would you not say that?  I generally stick to the term 'ignorant', but I've said on many occasions, "I'm sorry, but you're too ignorant to have a conversation on this subject."  Once someone pulls out the Fox News talking points, they're done.

As a fun but instructive read I recommend "Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean" by Edward Kritzler. The title is much more glitzy than the narrative which is reasonably erudite. 


I just saw  this book in New Orleans on my trip to the US. it caught my eye, standing there in the antique book store.I am reading it just now it is great.


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