DNA analyses of modern humans compared to that of Neanderthals and Denisovans indicate that modern humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans interbred before the latter two went extinct. Now there is DNA evidence that modern humans also interbred with a third more enigmatic archaic hominid at about the same time. Per the article:


A new, improved sequencing of ancient human relative genomes reveals that Homo sapiens didn't only have sex with Neanderthals and a little-understood line of humans called Denisovans. A fourth, mystery lineage of humans was in the mix, too...."It's implied it could be something like Homo erectus or similar," said Carles Lalueza-Fox, a paleogenomics researcher at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain, who was not involved in the research, but who was present at a talk on the findings given by lead author David Reich of Harvard Medical School at a meeting on ancient DNA sponsored by the Royal Society in London on Nov. 18.



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This should come as no surprise, as humans of all stripes have managed to get as much as possible, as often as possible!  Good for us! 

I didn't see where anyone said, or implied, the "mystery" DNA IS from Aliens.

Nobody did and it would be ridiculous to do so because alien DNA wouldn't be close enough to ours for interbreeding. Per the article: 

...."It's implied it could be something like Homo erectus or similar,"....

When was the last time you tested Alien DNA to know this???? And I don't appreciate you saying I am ridiculous.

How does that quote from the article prove that it couldn't be Aliens. You are aware that there are billions of planets EXACTLY like ours in the universe. There are even some in our own galaxy....Thinking that we are the only "people" in the entire universe is pretty unrealistic....not to mention a terrible waste of space. :O)

I thought I was agreeing with you, not disagreeing. Of course there is other life in the universe. My opinion, however, (and I might be wrong) is that the DNA of that life would be very different from ours. Again it is only my opinion but I think the DNA would be so different that we couldn't interbreed with it.

Hi, John,

Actually I do believe the DNA would match because I believe they have been coming here for centuries/

I do not believe the bible, however, there are things written by men who just couldn't understand what was actually going on. Like when they say that women of the earth "married" men of God. Or when they described a space ship that took men up to "heaven"

There is a chart somewhere on the net I saw that showed we went for hundreds of thousands of years with only learning basic survival skills. The all of a sudden, we learned metallurgy , harnessing the wind and water, how to build actual buildings, and many more things in what might be called "overnight" compared to the time period covered.

I have been studying this issue for many years and I couldn't possible put everything here......but I do believe readings, pictures, and other information that are  thousands of years old.

Hope your holiday is a good one :O)



It is a very interesting subject. Hope your holiday is good too Bev.

That reply sounds a little condescending, John...lol

I had my family here yesterday and when they all were gone I almost thanked god...lol


It wasn't condescending at all. Here is a discussion I posted just last month. Notice that it says a habitable exoplanet may be only 12 light years away.






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