Researchers have begun to unearth one of the largest prehistoric wh...

It's almost like God wants us to believe in evolution (if he exists of course).

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Well it always nice to hear of such discoveries. Whether most people say that there isn't enough fossil evidence or whether some are of the opinion that these finds a becoming relatively normal, actually we do live in the most productive and expansive time in terms of fossil discovery. One thing is for sure though in evolution we do seem to make discoveries as opposed to theism where one is asked to hold to the same old stuff without any form of progress or discovery.

I'm with you; progress is atheism's most important (and most exciting) product.


I hear that

Which desert?

About seventy years ago, my mom told me that her brother (my only uncle) returning by auto from California to Florida buried seashells and other Pacific Ocean beach debris in the New Mexico desert.





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