I saw this under the pill payer section, i just thought i would bring it to your attention.

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Perry Marshall at it again, huh? Looks like the same tired "Information cannot be created" argument he's been making for years now.

My favorite is his random mutation generator: http://www.randommutation.com/index.php

Wow, so if you randomly mutate text, without any natural selection involved, it becomes gibberish. What a surprise!
The Random Mutation Generator worked great for me, it turned my "Hat" into an "Oat". The oats are much more useful to me than a hat, since I can eat it to live.
Marshall is so deluded it defies description. His random mutation generator isn't even random!

Still, click the link guys: it helps pay for our site and drains his resources a little which is no bad thing.

When I get my head out of this shed, I will finish my spoof site CosmicFingerPuppets which is sufficiently like Marshall's to puddle his followers a bit.
Allez Marc, allez.

Or rather, vas-y Marc, vas-y.
Is this guy actually for real? I have just read the worst parody of an attempt to act like a scientist that it has been my misfortune to read. This is total garbage. Hyper-evolution is ridiculous.
I didn't open the blog because it sounded like a conspiracy type theory to me. I will watch comments before I pursue his ideas. Frankly, Darwin's ideas were skimpy on details because he was breaking new ground and expected scientists to build on his observations. That is what scientists do.
Are the fundies shooting themselves in the foot. He may have been banging on longer than most but he is'nt the only one to try grasp at Evolution now. Some view of it is beginning to creep into many of their discussions. Even the last pope apparently ascribed to Evolutionary theory. They can no longer deny the advances science has made even whilst they are trying to twist it to their own purpose, cracks in the dam?
As I said he's not the only one, this is a comment from C4 T.V in the U.K. discussing the images from the Planck telescope, which are fantastic. However the fundies are at it again, and this from an ex particle physicist, and I always wonder about the social and economic motivations of people like this.
However, Dr Andrew Pinsent, an Oxford University theologian who formerly worked as a particle physicist at CERN, and who will tomorrow host a conference called 'God and Physics' at the university, told Channel 4 News that science and religion are inextricably linked, rather than opposed

"For many religious believers, these pictures obviously resonate with the opening words of Genesis, "Let there be light!" and may, I think, re-kindle a healthy sense of wonder at the majesty of the cosmos."
Best ignoring that then and just concentrate on the images.




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