Some christians have said to me that the reason why scientific dates don't match is because god first created the world with dinosaurs etc and other things. Then he later destroyed that world because it was corrupt and then remade it into a new creation. They will tell me that is why dates don't add up with the bible because it is misinterpreted.


I don't believe this of course because why would an all knowing god have made a mistake the first time. I'm not a science person I'm more of a history person. So if anyone can give me help that would be great. thanks so much:)

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A free source of the writings of Robert Ingersol (a nineteenth century Atheist and Cynic) provides some excellent counters to the Theist delusions.
So...god created the world, created the dinosaurs, destroyed the dinosaurs, destroyed the world, recreated the world...yet dinosaur fossils still crop up? Am I missing something here?
Nope, that's about it.
As Lewis Black would put it....phew...takes my breath away...
Maybe I'm missing something here, but exactly which scientific dates don't match are they talking about? The half life of uranium-235, the Upper Paleollithic period, Carbon-14 dating, archeo-magnetic dating, geologic epochs such as the Pre-Cambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, etc., or the age of the universe according to astro-physicis? Or, is it that special period on display at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, not mentioned in the Bible, when dinosaurs were pets and ponies for the children of Adam and Eve?
Dear Suzanne,

for a general refutation of any (re)creationist's claims, I strongly recommend the book "The god delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

The claim of a higher being that "created" the world is ridicolous in the light of evolution. While evolution explains how something complicated like a human being could evolve starting from something very simple, the creationist's claims don't explain anything. Quite the contrary: the existence of a higher being bears the even more puzzling question about this being's origins.

Evolution and creationism are contradicting theories: Only one of them can be true. Creationism is pseudo-science, just like astrology: Its claims have been disproved many times (although many people still believe in it). On the other hand, evolution is not just a "theory", it's a rock-solid fact that has been proved many times.

The claim of re-creation is even more ridicolous: If the bible was really given us from a higher, loving and truth-loving being, we could expect it to contain the full truth. Why should that being withold such important information? This means that this being is either not as truth-loving as it claims to be, or it simply doesn't exist.
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