Ever get into a conversation with someone who is so blinded by religion and ignorant about the basics of science that you want to pull your hair out and scream in frustration? 

Over the past couple of days I had an interesting encounter with someone who replied to the Facebook status of a friend. It turned a little nasty on his part and I wasn't going to reply, but then he said something about my spelling and questioned my intelligence. He belittled me for my spelling of 'behaviour', implying that I'd misspelled the word so I must be a little dim. Being from a Commonwealth country, where we spell things as is done in England, I was a little surprised at his ignorance.

Then, and even worse, he criticized science!

This kind of ignorance vexes my spirit! What do you say to such people? Or do you simply ignore them and hope no one is listening to their tirades?

I shared more about this encounter, including the exchanges, in my blog at http://bit.ly/1pZ9Rpd

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Embrace diversity, and dismiss their bullshit. Have no respect for their intelligence, but be polite, and still try to benefit from your relationship with them. Understand that the vast majority of the world is way dumber than you, me, and other atheists, and that not only will they never catch up to us, they aren't even trying to.

Very wise, Brian. Thanks.

In general, I find one phrase to be particularly applicable, when dealing with those sorts of people: "for the lurkers."  You're not going to convince someone like that of anything, so the only possible benefit can be to those who are watching.

If there's no one watching, just dismiss the idiot and be done with it.  I don't argue with people who have demonstrated that they refuse to have their mind changed by rational argument.

Joseph, it can be like talking to a brick wall, can't it?

Well ... except brick walls don't ring your doorbell at 8:00 AM on a Saturday, trying to tell you the good news.  My response to a trio of Jehovah's Witnesses, a few weeks ago, who asked if I believed in the Creation:  "No, I'm well educated."

LOL! I recently had two JWs stop and stare without knowing what to say when I explained that believing in the god of the Bible made as much sense as believing in Thor.

When they start about your spelling... it's almost a confession that they're too weak to attack you on real things.

I love Mark Twain! He seems to have made an intelligent comment on just about every social setting imaginable.

good analogy

When the guy went full crazy on you, you'd already won. Anyone, except another crazy, seeing that post will think "that guy's crazy/a fanatic/ignorant/rude etc.". Sounds harsh but it's true. Take the case of the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate. The debate itself was tepid but Ken Ham exposed his full agenda to millions on national TV. He is now persona non grata with many mainstream Christians who were appalled by the depth of Ham's ignorance & arrogance. I'd say that was a positive outcome.

So, to sum up, ignorance is its own worst enemy!




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