Ever get into a conversation with someone who is so blinded by religion and ignorant about the basics of science that you want to pull your hair out and scream in frustration? 

Over the past couple of days I had an interesting encounter with someone who replied to the Facebook status of a friend. It turned a little nasty on his part and I wasn't going to reply, but then he said something about my spelling and questioned my intelligence. He belittled me for my spelling of 'behaviour', implying that I'd misspelled the word so I must be a little dim. Being from a Commonwealth country, where we spell things as is done in England, I was a little surprised at his ignorance.

Then, and even worse, he criticized science!

This kind of ignorance vexes my spirit! What do you say to such people? Or do you simply ignore them and hope no one is listening to their tirades?

I shared more about this encounter, including the exchanges, in my blog at http://bit.ly/1pZ9Rpd

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A person who criticizes science while typing on a computer is pissing into the wind and very likely doesn't realize it.  This doesn't even mention his ignorance about bees or evolution as noted in your other post.  He wants the bible to be true, therefore it's true and he'll hear no argument.

Your time is better spent elsewhere.

Hey, Loren. I agree. Life is too short to waste on those who think it lasts for all eternity.

Very true right away they become grammar police or tell you you don't understand the statement or some sort of diversion from the issue at hand. Instead of communicating and learning about your perception to try and broaden their scope.

It is usually THEIR grammar that is questionable.

Not there grammar?


They should be worshipping the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman, whom , in addition to being a great warrior, was an excellent grammarian.



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