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Need we mention that the above was an audio edit job?

Someone sent me this and I just thought it was funny. I haven't seen the original.

Thanks though

You have it precisely, my friend!

Tyson's objection to Dawkins' "sharpness of teeth" isn't necessarily right. 

Whatever Dawkins' "sharpness", it might easily appeal to the suppressed anger of religious people and feel right to people in general.  Similarly Hitchens, who not only had sharp teeth but chewed into flesh. 

Dawkins did famously trivialize Rebecca Watson's objections to an overly persistent guy in "Elevatorgate". 

But otherwise I've always found him both civil and confrontational, a good combination. 

Thanks I appreciate it

And he was quoting someone else.

His summary of the old testament god was great, but I didn't like the disrespect in his response.

Someone that refuses to see all the negative, radical aspects of the Old Testament, which are quite straightforward, deserves such a response.  

I advised Richard to stop being polite and instead take up martial arts and body building in an effort to physically intimidate his more stubborn opponents.

As I said to him, '...people will respect you more if you break some mother fucker in two.'

'Never get into a fight unless you're tooled up'  says the new street-wise Richard Dawkins

I wish he was a little less polite to some people so he could get his point across, preferably when dealing with completely despicable individuals such as Fox News political commentator Bill O'Reilly. Watch the following video if you do not know of what I'm talking about... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FARDDcdFaQ

Thank you Johann - appreciate it


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