What is all the "stuff" (stars, planets, galaxies etc) suspended in.  I definitely think space is a thing much like water or air, but what is it?  

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They used to think it was suspended in some kind of ether, or that there was a substance between everything and they just labelled it as ether. From what I understand all that stuff is suspended in nothing. It's just there in a vacuum.

Is this a real question?

I always assume so.  Some of us have recently broken out of some sort of fundamentalist religion, and those people don't have what most of the rest of us consider to be a basic grounding in biology and cosmology.

Sure. We may not be able to answer, but yes a real question.  It's like how we can manipulate and use magnets, but what is the actual thing we are manipulating?  We still don't know!

Heh, this response didn't help, Shawn.  This sounds like you're trolling us, making a joke based upon that fucking horrible Insane Clown Posse song, "Miracles".

... fucking magnets.  How do they work?

Good one Joseph. Lol

Interesting!  I proposed what I thought to be an interesting question that I don't think most people ever consider.  I think magnetism is a perfect example of a "something" we take for granted and never discuss and don't fully understand.  You say there isn't a medium because you don't have imperical evidence otherwise.  I look for analogs and when I see that typically there is some type of medium surrounding everything (fields, water, air, vacuum), then why is this such a strange question.  How do you remove space from space, which is what you are calling a vacuum I guess.  I don't believe there is a true vacuum (space devoid of anything including itself).  Again, not trolling, just trying to have a legitimate discussion.  Sorry if any of this is upsetting in any way as I am not in any scientific field.  

I believe you.  You just happened to stumble upon what has become a bit of an Internet meme.  Those two jackasses in ICP wrote that horrible song to celebrate ignorance, rather than using ignorance as a jumping off point to find cool things to explore.  That was the first thing that came to mind, when I read your comment about magnets.

"Suspended" implies a far more static state of affairs than what we really have.  What keeps everything apart is rotation.  We have the entire galaxy rotating.  The centripetal force of that rotation counteracts gravity, keeping everything from collapsing in upon itself.  It's that balance between gravity and the centripetal force that makes things orbit each other.

That in addition to the original impetus of the Big Bang, plus the acceleration due (apparently!) to dark matter.

I agree - things are hardly "static!"

Yeah, I gave the simplistic, stripped-down version.  The current model is actually far more complex than that.

Thank you for replying.  When I look upon the night sky I understand everything is in motion, but definitely moving "in" something.  I thought "suspended" might be a poor choice, but a place to start.




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