Now, I have herd of the stupid assumptions that theists make about atheists, one of my favorite is when they say we eat babies. And as sick, twisted and slightly humorous this may sound I’m just wondering where this rumor got started?

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I have no citation, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out it goes back all the way to the origin of Christianity. Early Christians were accused of eating babies by the Romans, and the Romans called them "atheists" because they didn't believe in the Roman gods and goddesses. I can easily see someone digging up an old document and saying "See, atheists ate babies in ancient Rome!"
It definitely came from the Catholics. As quoted from the The Malleus Maleficarum, written in 1486:

Malleus Maleficarum Part 1
Question XI
That Witches who are Midwives in Various Ways Kill the Child Conceived in the Womb, and Procure an Abortion; or if they do not this Offer New-born Children to Devils.
Here is set forth the truth concerning four horrible crimes which devils commit against infants, both in the mother's womb and afterwards. And since the devils do these things through the medium of women, and not men, this form of homicide is associated rather with women than with men, And the following are the methods by which it is done.
The Canonists treat more fully than the Theologians of the obstructions due to witchcraft; and they say that is is witchcraft, not only when anyone is unable to perform the carnal act, of which we have spoken above; but also when a woman is prevented from conceiving, or is made to miscarry after she has conceived. A third and fourth method of witchcraft is when they have failed to procure an abortion, and then either devour the child or offer it to a devil.
There is no doubt concerning the first two methods, since, without the help of devils, a man can by natural means, such as herbs, savin for example, or other emmenagogues, procure that a woman cannot generate or conceive, as has bee mentioned above. But with the other two methods it is different; for they are effected by witches. And there is no need to bring forward the arguments, since very evident instances and examples will more readily show the truth of this matter.
The former of these two abominations is the fact that certain witches, against the instinct of human nature, and indeed against the nature of all beasts, with the possible exception of wolves, are in the habit of devouring and eating infant children. And concerning this, the Inquisitor of Como, who has been mentioned before, has told us the following: that he was summoned by the inhabitants of the County of Barby to hold an inquisition, because a certain man had missed his child from its cradle, and finding a congress of women in the night-time, swore that he saw them kill his child and drink its blood and devour it. Also, in one single year, which is the year now last passed, he says that forty-one witches were burned, certain others taking flight to the Lord Archduke of Austria, Sigismund. For confirmation of this there are certain writings of John Nider in his Formicarius, of whom, as of those events which he recounts, the memory is still fresh in men's minds; wherefore it is apparent that such things are not incredible. We must add that in all these matters witch midwives cause yet greater injuries, as penitent witches have often told to us and to others, saying: No one does more harm to the Catholic Faith than midwives. For when they do not kill children, then, as if for some other purpose, they take them out of the room and, raising them up in the air, offer them to devils. But the method which they observe in crimes of this sort will be shown in the Second Part, which we must soon approach. But first one more question must be inquired into, namely, that of the Divine permission. For it was said at the beginning that three things are necessary for the effecting of witchcraft: the devil, a witch, and the Divine permission.
This Book is a real knee-slapper as you can see.
This rumor coming from a group of people who believe in mutilating the genitals of boys after they're born only to turn a blind eye when priests and other sexually frustrated clergy freely rape these same boys years later. In this light, no, I'm not surprised one bit that this rumor was created.
Fat Bastard must be atheist then. Lol.

I have heard the same charge against many people, like Bush one and two, Obama, Palin, practically every president or high profile political figure. Many actors have been accused of it. Its kinda funny to me. I like them fried myself.
Back in my Mormon (Moron) Days I was Told that atheists worshipped the Devel.So It wasnt them Who started the Rumer..I was on a mission to find the one true religion,so I was also a member of the Assemblies of God ,for awhile,Thats where I was told that atheists eat its my guess that they started it...Lol
Medieval Christians also said that about Jews.
A little O/T, but...

Can anyone tell me where in history references to the Devil or Satan began to appear?

I equate the term Heathen with Satan or Satanic. IMO, Satan is the opposite of God. As I do not believe in any Gods, how can I believe in a Satan/Devil. People have called me a Heathen and I always use the aforementioned relation as my retort.
I think when Jesus met the prostitute, she said, .."This is my body, .. given for you.." and then jesus liked that, plagiarized it and started a religion with it!




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