Now, I have herd of the stupid assumptions that theists make about atheists, one of my favorite is when they say we eat babies. And as sick, twisted and slightly humorous this may sound I’m just wondering where this rumor got started?

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Fat Bastard must be atheist then. Lol.

I have heard the same charge against many people, like Bush one and two, Obama, Palin, practically every president or high profile political figure. Many actors have been accused of it. Its kinda funny to me. I like them fried myself.
Back in my Mormon (Moron) Days I was Told that atheists worshipped the Devel.So It wasnt them Who started the Rumer..I was on a mission to find the one true religion,so I was also a member of the Assemblies of God ,for awhile,Thats where I was told that atheists eat its my guess that they started it...Lol
Medieval Christians also said that about Jews.
A little O/T, but...

Can anyone tell me where in history references to the Devil or Satan began to appear?

I equate the term Heathen with Satan or Satanic. IMO, Satan is the opposite of God. As I do not believe in any Gods, how can I believe in a Satan/Devil. People have called me a Heathen and I always use the aforementioned relation as my retort.
I think when Jesus met the prostitute, she said, .."This is my body, .. given for you.." and then jesus liked that, plagiarized it and started a religion with it!




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