Sorry, after this I'll stop posting videos and make sure my next discussion invovles some actual text, but this video is just freaking amazing. DonExodus2 (the user who created this video) makes me feel squeal like a lovestruck school gir!! :'D

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Real Good video, I’m not a scientist but I can fully follow your explanation, and it humbles me, to be a descendant of a life path witch goes so long back.

You should show this film to Kent Hovind with his ridiculous young earth theories,!

Evolution is undeniable, and your statement is right al rational people can accept nothing else, to bad that so many people believe in imaginary beings though.
Very nice video. Although I have to complain for the moment, for the sake of skepticism, that all molecular phylogenies do not produce the same tree because of purifying selection and the like.
Unless you have a paid account, I believe you are limited in time on YouTube videos.
It could make it better, but I'm sure the person making it was trying to create a message that could be sent in a single burst.

Additionally, while I don't know the speed of speech from where you are from, I'm from Southwest Ohio with a lot of time in Columbus, and they talk so fast that to me it wasn't bad. So there could be some cultural aspects in play. But yeah, I think we are some of the fastest talkers in the Union outside of New York City.
I've watched most of Don's videos. Now that you mention it he does have a rather fast-paced speaking style. I tend to speak pretty fast myself, so perhaps I'm used to it, or it could just be because I've watched other videos of his.



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