I have been observing my Daughters step mom and dad, and I think Im starting to really get why kids want to go to church!

They have to cheat! They have to make going to church fun to keep the youth interested!

One of my sons had a friend he attended some sundays with, and he was always excited about the games and activities that they have there. Some even take the kids on camping trips!

My boys reciently had to stay with My daughters step parents for a few days when I had to leave for a hospital visit, and she forced my children to go to church, where they had such a great time! My oldest was being taught how to play the drums, they had a Wii and a ps3, big screen tv, houge park outside, food and tons of activities. I do think its sad that they have to resort to such desperate measures to keep the kids interested.. And I think it is very sad that thats where all there funds are going towards!

Can we Atheists, free thinkers, all nontheists get togeather and have a place like that, and have the taxes and church going community pay for it out of their donations? lol

Can we use it to go buy things and not get charged taxes?

Wouldnt them theists have a heart attack!

I really do think that it would be a good idea to get something going, in all communities, for the childeren of nontheists to get togeather and play, and not have that fear of being riddiculed or judged for not having the same "beliefs" as the others. Im sure that there are some arround, just not where I live!


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Hi as a child I went to every church within walking or bus distance. I was fascinated by churches and religion. This site asks how long you were a disbeliever and the maxim was 10+ years, why don't they have a forever.
Of course they have to cheat. Kids aren't stupid. If the theists just expained the actual content of the religion to the kis without the bells and whistles, the colouring and the music, the fetes and the other distractions, oh and don't forget the sweeping "simplifications" (ie "god is love, god is great, god has a place for you in heaven, and kids that's all you really need to take from the bible...") then the kids would look at it critically, go "that's idiotic". and wander off.

It's the same reason why scripture is taught in Australian schools every single week for usually a very short time like 30 mins. Repeated frequent contact, not long enough for the kids to get bored, time for one fun activity, make it seem really part of the school environment and seem sooo important." It's a huge waste of time over 7 years of primary school eduction for what? For optimal indoctrination conditions.

I would love to take my daughter to a non-theist venue, paid for by tax deductible contributions from the local non-theist community.....but then there's that annoying atheist niggle in the back of my brain that says "hang on, we don't want to turn atheism into a religion". Better to fix the system than to join it with the existing corruption. Pull tax exemption from religious organisations that don't actually do anything other than promote themselves, spend the extra tax dollars on useful things that actually help people, and a few more state funding aquatic centres to take the kids to on a Sunday morning. :-)
Hi Limber
Couldn't agree more! Sent one of my daughters to a private school.Then had to fill out a form so she did not to have to attend religious studied. The churches run most of the expensive schools. Kind of goes against what they preach.
I completely agree with you! Dont turn Atheism into a religion,I def. dont want that to happen, but to take the funds out from all the others, who really, dont deserve it!!
But of course! Kids can identify bullshit a mile away. I've read stories of kids raised in very conservative and purist sects of Christianity who apostatized simply because they never could suspend their disbelief. It's probably what lead me away, too. That and the obvious offenses to humanist sensibilities.
Why not? What's the worst that could happen? Why do religions get social groups and tax exempt status and not atheists? No one HAS to join, but it'd be a nice option, especially for those who need intellectual comradely in the cesspool of religiousness that is the United States.
I don't think having a community for atheists to come together for some fellowship is inherently bad. As long as it avoids any dogmatic structure it seems a rather safe concept. If the adults can have discussions about what it means to be ethical and moral without being religious and if the children can have playtime without our fears they'll be theologically indoctrinated, it would seem a wholesome path we could tread.

Granted, just because one cannot get tax-deduction status, doesn't mean that the organization couldn't exist as non-profit. Not exactly the same, but it's a thought.

I believe the Ethical Humanist Society up in Skokie has an organization with exactly the type of community atheism needs. I'm not a member but I've heard good things from them.

Secular community is what I believe is one of the major hurdles that keeps atheists out of the big leagues. It's why we're under-represented in government, it's why we're often persecuted by the fundamental conservatives, it's why public school boards can open with a prayer at their weekly meetings.

Like good old Abe Lincoln once said, "United we stand, divided we fall." It's the same for America as a whole as it is for atheists as a minority.

Christian J Brooks
Chicago Atheists & Agnostics
Why can't a non-theist organization not get tax exempt status? The qualifications for 501(c)3 status include "literary" and "scientific" purposes...
Yeah i live in Holland and it's the same overhere! It is quite sad that church reaches to such desperate measures to keep church attendance up. By luring the young generation in, they can surely win some soles for later. I personally think, teaching your child such things as written in the bible (or other violent books of worship) is dangerous and almost the same as child abuse. Covering religion up with gadgets and fun places to go is another masquerade that our religious fanatical friends force upon us. But the house of cards is slowly coming down…
Um....I could be wrong here but doesn't a Satanist kinda by definition have to be a theist of sorts and, therefore, be unlikely to qualify as an atheist? Though I suppose if someone believes there is no god but also believes there is a devil then they would technically be atheists...... but I suspect it isn't quite in the spirit of the term.

I throw the question open to the Nexus community!
Ok, good point. I'll go look it up. In the mean time though if it has Satan in the title and has rituals then if it isn't roughly some kind of worship of the christan devil concept then it should change it's name and the name of its activities to avoid confusion.

But yes, I'll Wiki and get back to you. :)
So..it's an atheistic organisation basically set up to scare Christians? LOL

Actually that kinda appeals.


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