I have been observing my Daughters step mom and dad, and I think Im starting to really get why kids want to go to church!

They have to cheat! They have to make going to church fun to keep the youth interested!

One of my sons had a friend he attended some sundays with, and he was always excited about the games and activities that they have there. Some even take the kids on camping trips!

My boys reciently had to stay with My daughters step parents for a few days when I had to leave for a hospital visit, and she forced my children to go to church, where they had such a great time! My oldest was being taught how to play the drums, they had a Wii and a ps3, big screen tv, houge park outside, food and tons of activities. I do think its sad that they have to resort to such desperate measures to keep the kids interested.. And I think it is very sad that thats where all there funds are going towards!

Can we Atheists, free thinkers, all nontheists get togeather and have a place like that, and have the taxes and church going community pay for it out of their donations? lol

Can we use it to go buy things and not get charged taxes?

Wouldnt them theists have a heart attack!

I really do think that it would be a good idea to get something going, in all communities, for the childeren of nontheists to get togeather and play, and not have that fear of being riddiculed or judged for not having the same "beliefs" as the others. Im sure that there are some arround, just not where I live!


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Yeah, ok. So being a LeYeyan Satanist isn't a clash with atheism, sorry about that.

I stand by what I said about the misleading nature of the name though. If there is no actual Satan involved then you'd think a different name for the central concept would have been helpful. Likewise naming part of their organization the "First Satanic Church" and having publications with names such as "Satan Speaks" just makes things unnecessarily confusing. It's like calling a pear a mango. Mango may sound cooler, but calling a pear a mango is only going to mislead people into expecting completely the wrong fruit. A more appropriate name would be "Pear".
Learn to netiquette before exposing yourself as an underaged user on the internet. REPORTED!!!!!!!!
Thanks! I dont know what that kid was doing on here! But he sure wanted to act like he was better than everyone else!!
I hope he was ejected nicely. I didn't think he was particularly obnoxious, not more than most people online, but yeah if we aren't set up to be kid friendly, and we clearly aren't, then they shouldn't be here.
I just honestly was shocked that he was cussing! My oldest son is almost 11, I think I would flip if I ever heard him cuss! He did seem intellegant, but immature at the same time.
I've been on the internet long enough to consider "dumbass" to be almost a term of endearment. :-)

If what he said was true, that he came here because evolution is not a topic for discussion in his usual life, and if his parents haven't worked out that he is into LeYeyan Satanism, then he could probably use some relatively sane people to talk to and realistically we probably constitute one of the better online collections of adults. We would hardly be a likely stomping ground for paedophiles. Having a blanket rule about expelling underage users is necessary, but all up I think he may well have been better off being allowed to stay.....in an ideal universe.

Of course though we don't want to have an incident with an underage user and thus make our big break into the media as an evil atheist network grooming children into godlessness! lol


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