Scientists say they may have found the reason why some people see J...

I posted this on "Atheist News", but considering that it concerns both religion and science, I thought it would also fit here.

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This isn't news - just some idiot journalist who thinks they have found a new discovery, Chris.

It's a great subject and far more complex than what's described here. Faces in the moon - to constellations - this is all the same thing. You can even have auditory pareidolia where random (white noise) appears to deliver secret messages.


Give it a look - you'll find a wealth of interesting material on this fascinating subject, Chris.

"You can even have auditory pareidolia "

There was recently a documentary about this on BBC radio. Interesting.

Our brains, when faced with gaps in information, are programmed to fill in the gaps with material based on previous experience or conditioning.

The brain is very easily tricked and there are many playful tests that can demonstrate this.

This is the sort of things they do on Ghost Hunters and other bullshit shows like that.  They scan HUGE samplings of random, electronic noise, speed the samples up ... slow them down.  The chance of finding a random burst of noise that sounds like human speech is very high, when our brain is struggling to find something vaguely recognizable and plaster over the cracks, the whole time.

that's really very interesting.... i knew roughly about that... but having a name is better...  i'm having this trouble with teaching my kids how to read.....  they sometimes just add in extra letters that aren't there.....  which is incredibly frustrating, but i can see that it's just because their brains don't have enough information.

narh - they love food, it's all about the bread and the wine.....  


Doc Meaden did a story on this a while back, IIRC.

If you have not seen it yet Chris, visit

for an atheist viewpoint in this subject area. 

It went viral in August, starting with 12,000 hits in four days. 

There is some pattern to be seen anywhere with enough imagination.  I just discovered the cross on the back of the beetle, who is my avatar.....  

Thanks - good article!


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