Well preserved bone marrow from a woolly mammoth has been recovered in Siberia. A team of Russian and Japanese scientists has announced that it will use it in an attempt to clone a woolly mammoth within five years.


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The team may have been unsuccessful in a previous attempt:


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You mean, the other way round?


First they clone one, then maybe they clone a mate and start a mammoth herd.    Then it gets interesting.    

First comes a huge debate, if mammoths are pets or cattle, are they to be eaten or not?  Are they to be protected as pets?

Is the wool suitable for knitting mammoth sweaters as the ultimate luxury?

I wonder, how fierce those mammoths are.    Maybe there will be a mammoth park with mammoth rides, mammoths trained to do tricks and paint pictures like elephants?   

apparently the clone will be born with the age of the mammoth on it's death - so it won't live very long - especially if the mommoth died of old age.... 

also you can only get the same sex from a clone - so if it was a male mammoth - you will get two male mammoths.....  it's kind of hard to get same sex couples to breed - unless they are both female and you use a cell, instead of a sperm from one - then you have the problem of them both being clones and therefore identical - and so mixing genetic material won't get them very far - unless there is something about dna that I don't know - which is highly probable. :)

also you can only get the same sex from a clone

I know, but there may be another frozeb mammoth to be found, when the thawing continues.

the clone will be born with the age of the mammoth on it's death

but the cloned cell has to grow as any fertilized egg

yes - then they need to make sure and freeze some embryos in case it takes a while to find the next one - and hope that it's the opposite sex.

i've read about this as i get the PHYSorg.com Newsletter, which has everything in it (you can customize it).  i have been hoping this could be done sometime soon.  imagine if we actually clone a dodo.  this is far from an easy task, but i'm hoping.  

btw - no animal would be born with tusks, horns, etc - it would be impossible to birth.

It might not happen in the very near future but I think the probability is high that it will happen.

It probably is a question of financing repeated or multiple attempts.   While my phantasies about mammoth parks, mammoth sweaters and mammoth steaks were not serious, any possible commercial use of a living mammoth or even a herd would certainly instigate financing the endeavor.  

There are probably zoos throughout the world that would pay to have one or two. I assume the project is currently being financed by grants to the associated museum and university.

here we are on the brink of a momentous scientific breakthrough and you guys are discussing finances and what will happen to the poor mammoths when they're born. plenty of institutions are willing to finance w/o this horrific talk - i really hate it.  i am soooooo tired of money talk, i could scream and break things!!!!!  the little guys will be well taken care of, you can bet it!  this is about science and caring - not making money and callousness, for pete's sake !

the baby mammoth

sorry for being so pissed off - i just am . . .

I am only realistic.   Cloning a mammoth without enough funding will lead to scientific advance but the creature will not be taken good care of.   A creature of a mammoth's size will need a lot of food and space to be kept and this will be costly.  

Data about elephants:


Life expectancy: 60 yrs

Intake is about 150kg wet weight per day while water intake is 120 litres a day for an adult bull.

Nobody would want a mammoth to be cloned and then killed, because nobody can afford to keep it alive.  So funding is important.  


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