Well preserved bone marrow from a woolly mammoth has been recovered in Siberia. A team of Russian and Japanese scientists has announced that it will use it in an attempt to clone a woolly mammoth within five years.


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The team may have been unsuccessful in a previous attempt:


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A real mammoth would be thought of as so special that offers from all over the world would probably be made to take care of it. Also, (not to discuss profit) but it would attract a multitude of people who would be happy to pay an entrance fee to see it. The revenue generated would be much more than enough to take care of it. 

You are of course right, that one cloned mammoth will have a future of good care.  

But I was making a point for Alexa, that when a creature can live 60 years at 150 kg food per day, the funding is important.  Also that more funds into some theoretically possible restarting of a herd of mammoth or of interbreeding of the mammoth with an elephant will enable further research.   I am far from propagating to clone mammoth for any commercial purpose, but I can see that funding as a result of commercial colleteral benefits can enhance the research.   

ok - i've just so much lately re money that is so crass and uncaring about people, much less animals, that i was just overwhelmed with aarrgghh - enough!  this that you have written is fine and caring.  and, of course, they do need the money stuff to take care of them.  thank you for your understanding :]

There is another aspect too.   Here in Germany, universities including research is paid by the tax payers' money.   Therefore I consider it as a legitimate question, what the tax payers get in return from research.   If the cloning of a mammoth were done in Germany, I would consider it legitimate to expect, that the animal would be shown to the public.   I would even consider it legitimate to make public mammoth parks or such to gain funds that go back into the research.  


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