I am an attorney practicing in the Chicagoland area.  Other than in my first year of practice, I have always practiced in my own firm, so I have never had the occasion to experience workplace discrimination from co-workers and/or employers.

I read a discussion started by Mark Maraz in which several people related the stories of their workplace experiences, and I was shocked.  Having employed people of several different religions, it turns my stomach to think that any employer would tolerate or condone such divisive behavior.

Does anyone have similar experiences that they want to share?  I am very interested to hear what working life in America is like (outside of my office, that is).

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Great Story. I used to enjoy debating Christians. I stopped when it began to feel a bit like debating 6 year olds about whether Santa Claus is real.

Mostly these days I want to stop people in positions of power over others from using that power to inflict stupidity on the world. It sounds like you were a sort of alien being to your co-workers. I am curious if you think that anyone knew that you were an atheist before you were hired. I find that many faith-laden people are visibly confused when they learn that I am an atheist, because they don't seem to be able to understand how someone they like could not believe in God. So how did the general knowledge about your non-belief unfold in your workplace?
I've not had the misfortune of being discriminated against for my unbelief. Both my manager and supervisor must know, and I haven't heard a peep out of them about it. I happen to be one of the most productive employees on my shift, so that speaks for something.
Funny things is, the other most productive members on my shift don't happen to believe either, so management may know that doing such a thing would put them out of some good talent.
I think that most people would be more productive in general if not hobbled with the requirement that they believe the ridiculous first, and then superimpose the truth on top of it as best that it can be done without upsetting the ridiculous.

Keep on proving the power of non-belief!
I'm in the Bible Belt, myself, but I have the fortune (or misfortune, from the baiting fundies perspective) of being in the most liberal pocket within 500 miles, except perhaps D.C. I've got several atheists on my project at work. The most religious activity I get is the usual stupid questions, most of it instigated by my blatant reading of the Hitchens and Dawkins books with the most aggressive anti-Judeo-Christian titles, at work.

The only real contact I've had are the one whose arguments devolve to "Well, you've just got to have faith," within ... literally 30 seconds. Most of the rest is just funny, uninformed questions. I may be doing a tiny bit of educating, but I doubt it. If I am, I certainly never know about it.
Fundie baiting...

I wonder when Fundie season starts and ends. Just catch and release, because they are really hard to clean.

Keep proving the power of non-belief.
I dunno, some of the females of the species can make nice pets. You just have to domesticate them by cleaning out this little infection problem they have. You need an ear-brush with a long enough handle to reach the core of the infection.



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