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I'm considering an extra section where we can post "bullshit alerts" about stuff that's currently doing the rounds at isn't on the conventional radar at

There's a neat little scam doing the rounds right now about Teeth Whitening. Apparently this gal from Middlesbrough (down the road from me) is an ordinary "Mom" (mom?) who has discovered this fabulous method by accident.

Ummm... I smell bullshit - and I know how it's done. Other people might not be so lucky.

This is priceless though:

*All statements made on this site were valid at the time of release. Trial S&H pricing may have changed.

Wait - we've just spotted one which isn't valid because it's computer generated...

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Phew, I'm relatively safe then: to me she appears to live in Paris, that's about 700 kms away.
Yeah. She lives very near wherever you happen to be - as you both probably guessed, they're tracking the IP using IP-2-location services which are pretty cheap these days (it's only a database). Juame's "error" (theirs not his) is down to the location database hitting an approximate given his ISP. Different parts of the world have different levels of accuracy. Some can be down to a city block.

Trouble is, if you don't KNOW that you'll likely be taken in.

Try leaving a comment - it's priceless how they pretend to even care. I doubt anyone even receives, let alone reads them. Reasonable to assume the ones there are bogus.

On a serious note, this advertising disturbs me because it's dishonest - and if you can't trust the message, you can't trust the company behind it.
JREF - would you believe!




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