This is the place to add fake logical fallacies - yeah, I know that might be a bit of an oxymoron but no one is pretending this serious. The idea is you take a fallacy (or invent one) and wiggle the Latin a bit so it sounds reasonable and then post it here complete with the description and if possible a cogent example.

The aim is to present these at Cosmic Fingerpuppets (CFP) for what they are; although I may also elect to include them with real ones just to see if we catch anyone out.

Argumentum (the argument from) is always a safe starting point but be brave and let your creative juices flow like the fine wine from this virtual bar of spoofery.

Since I'm now working on getting slightly drunk (and in desperately need of a good night's sleep) here's your starter for 0.

Blue Herring: a red herring (cf. Red Herring) that has lost some of its impact due to cliche (so called because of the tendency for the fish to decay from a carmine hue to a morose navy over time.)

Revel in them!

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Argumentum ad data rectum:

When someone just starts pulling information (especially stats) out of their ass.
Argumentum ad Plantae:

Just look at the trees!
Argumentum ad Aluminuus:

Using an aluminum coke can to prove god's existence.
Argumentum non mortum:

When someone argues that they reject your argument because if it is right they'd just die.
Argumentum ad argumentum:

Not as stupid as it may look like. I've seen it used with good effect (even on this board).

Splitting hairs in fours.
My sides are splitting here - which is a bit of a bugger as I've recently had a winter 'flu jab and I'm under the weather a bit.

Tetrapilectomy, Sexa-, Septa-, Octo-, Nona-, Deca... oh how gorgeous are those! ;-)

Please, keep them coming. Jaume - brilliant ones like that would benefit from an example (they all would); so if anyone is stuck for a new one, they can always contribute an example.
Argumentum ad bovis domus: A time-wasting discussion that goes on until the cows come home.
Argumentum in absente reo: misquoting a person in their absence. (Derived from the absence of the accused).
Argumentum ad mortuum equum: (latinists, please correct me on this one)

Argument that's already resolved or agreed upon, making any attempt to continue it utterly futile (beating a dead horse).
Ah hell, the spoofs are supposed to be accurate latin? Mine are doomed then...
Latin smatin.




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