This is the place to add fake logical fallacies - yeah, I know that might be a bit of an oxymoron but no one is pretending this serious. The idea is you take a fallacy (or invent one) and wiggle the Latin a bit so it sounds reasonable and then post it here complete with the description and if possible a cogent example.

The aim is to present these at Cosmic Fingerpuppets (CFP) for what they are; although I may also elect to include them with real ones just to see if we catch anyone out.

Argumentum (the argument from) is always a safe starting point but be brave and let your creative juices flow like the fine wine from this virtual bar of spoofery.

Since I'm now working on getting slightly drunk (and in desperately need of a good night's sleep) here's your starter for 0.

Blue Herring: a red herring (cf. Red Herring) that has lost some of its impact due to cliche (so called because of the tendency for the fish to decay from a carmine hue to a morose navy over time.)

Revel in them!

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Na! Even if they look/sound like Latin, they'll do.

Even if you don't "do" Latin (I don't) you can just pick a variation of the argument styles favoured by IDiots and then make fun of it - see "Blue Herring" above.
Argumentum ad rigidum majorem digitum:

The easiest way to put an argument to end.
You might want to have headsets on, if your at work.
Argumentum ad Crocoduckery:

Anything that comes out of Kirk Cameron's mouth.
Argumentum ad canis genera felis:

Evolution is wrong until a dog gives birth to a cat.
Is that when?
Not the way the argument is used, hence why it is a fallacy. The crocoduck falls into this category.
Sorry, I got you now. Very clever and perverse. '-)


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