Wacky titles appeal to me as these days I make (wait, made) a living before the crash helping people to market their ideas. I love wordplay when it involves double-entendres, double-bluff and misdirection.

Truthfully though, I wanted to take some of my irrelevant giggle-chatter away from Orgins where there's quite enough of that and Terry has been quite saintly. That's not to say we can't discuss my/our triumvirate of cosmic challenges to stupidity, but some of the more insane and off-the-wall stuff really belongs here.

So what hurt?

Answer: Ignorance dressed up in a short skirt and pigtails. You know it's wrong, but you can't help yourself. As Ben Goldacre once wrote at his Bad Science blog, "The stupid, it burns". The short movie that referred to was cringeworthy - so bad you wanted the presenter to vanish into a hole and never reappear. It made that bloke from The Office look like Carl Sagan! It really was that bad.

The group image should say it all. Bad information (rather than actual ignorance) is painful. Every time I have to debate a creationist or any anti-scientist in fact, my head feels like it's going to explode. Arguing with my ex. wife is less painful and she hates me - physically, sometimes. [You may say "awww" at this point while I indulge myself in some self-pity while knowing full well you're thinking nothing of the sort.]

Since you've reach this place you're probably smarter than the average bear, are prepared to read my ramblings, and it's payback time for all those purveyors of hard-core stupidity.

Perry Marshall is our first target - for no better reason than I hate liars and Perry's nose should stretch from here to Manhattan by now.

Rupert Sheldrake is next; but more research will be needed in that camp and he's destined for MinistryOfIgnorance alongside Duane Gish, Michael Behe and all the other intellectuals that we can round up and expose as frauds.

Perhaps we need a thread to collect names?

I'm open for business and willing to learn.

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