Do you find wearing the Out Campaign shirt gets questions?

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Don't have a shirt, but plan to order one. However, I do have an American Atheists sticker on my car and my window got smashed in. A friend of mine had a "God is just pretend" sticker on her car and it was keyed until it was illegible. The religious are such loving folks....

I'm out and proud, even if it causes some property damage!
I just got to Fort Hood a few weeks ago and I'm waiting for my "I didn't pray in my foxhole" one to get damaged. It's still there...for now.
I have a few atheist shirts and some are bold. The Out Campaign shirt is something I can actually wear to work. Unfortunately it doesn't get many comments. It is a good one to wear in that if someone does ask what it means you can start a civil conversation about positive atheism.
Just got my shirt a week ago. I think if people ask me I'll say "The 'A' is for Atheism, Did you hear the bad news?" XD
After the bad reactions I got from my Bush "Worst President Ever" shirt, I'm rather reluctant to wear an atheist shirt. I do plan to buy a "Darwin" fish pin, though. I think anyone smart enough to catch the meaning of the Darwin fish with legs will be intelligent enough to refrain from the snarky comments.
I guess it really depends on where you wear the shirt. It is too bad that atheists are given a bad rap. The challenge is the more we are out the more we will be accepted.




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