I'm currently in the process of updating and adding more information to the OUT Campaign website. I'd love your input! Is there anything you'd like to see the OUT Campaign do? What do you envision the OUT Campaign becoming?

Also if you have any photos of yourself or your friends sporting any OUT Campaign merchandise, and you don't mind being featured on the website or in any promotional materials, please send them my way!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments: sage.engberg@secularstudents.org

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First things off. My blog has been marked by that wonderful scarlet A for a while already but as for actual apparel I don't really possess any yet. However, I'm planning to buy some in a couple of months, as soon as I move to England, where I'll be able to sport it much more freely.

There are many things I'd like to see an international, atheist-led campaign doing, and I often think about it, although I'm not sure all the ideas I have are actually feasible. The main idea is, simply put, changing atheism's bad name by doing all those things a common citizen of the world will consider admirable. Volunteering, basically. I often think of Italy and of the great problems we have here, and I realise that volunteering is one thing a society cannot get enough of. Blood drives - a real problem, particularly during the summer, taking care of old people, distributing free meals or managing canteens, cleaning garbage-ridden areas of our cities...there is just about nothing a united group of people could do to improve life in a society.

Damn, the idealist in me is at large once more... :P
I've had the out campaign A on my blog Chimaera Contemplations, since I started it back in November. I also have one of the pins and a sticker on my car, but I haven't had the nerve to buy and wear one of the t-shirts...yet.
I have the A on my blog as well, but haven't been added to the Out Campaign site yet :(.

Anyway, an RSS feed for updates would be great for the site.
That's a really interesting idea! Do you know if there's any way to program it so that whenever any one of the "OUT" blogs updates its page, it can show up on the site? Like a collective feed rather than a feed for each individual blog?

I think that would be a great way to improve the visibility and functionality of the OUT Campaign.
Well, I don't have any merchandise, but I did create an addition of my own today which I sent in for the free use of anyone who would like it. I also have it for sale on Cafe Press for those too lazy to bother setting up to get it printed on their own (I do hope that doesn't upset anyone. It seemed to me that the spirit of the movement is one of freedom to add to it as we can).

anyway, here's the design I made. I'm a budding theater teacher, so the design has several meanings for me and I hope will appeal to any other atheist actors (as well as activists) out there.

That's a good one! You're certainly right -- the point is to encourage others to create their own "out"s that hold significance for them.




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