I've always felt a bit uncomfortable saying "amen" at the end of religious invocations at family weddings, baptisms, even thanksgivings. But I also realize its such a trivial thing, so I don't want to interrupt things by refusing to participate. What do you do in situations like these?

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I don't just participate. I was dragged to a christmas celebration that was basically a contemporary christian concert with a 20 minute sermon at the end.


I didn't stand to pray, I didn't stand to dance/clap/sing to the music and I basically sat there being bored the time.

I avoid the ceremonies and show up when the festivities start.  I don't do the amen and I will try not to disrespect other people and their beliefs but those rituals have always made me feel like WTF?  Since I have offloaded that crap I wont participate any longer.




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