I am currently going to a community college. I would like to start an atheist chapter at my school. I need 10 people to say they would join, and at least one instructor who will join as well.

Which organization is recommended?
On our campus they have christian, muslim even mormon organizations, they even have a prayer room which people can go to.(smells like smoke & sweat) what is the likelyhood that anyone would join?
I'd love any suggestions on chapter mission statements, goals etc. I have my own ideas but would love to hear from the Atheists community.

One last point I maybe Atheists but I don't "hate religious people" I just think they have been duped into believing in fairy tales. The difference between "us" and "them" is an atheists lives life to the fullest because we know this is it, so make the best of it. Where as most religious people live for an after life. Religion has done more damage to mankind then any other doctrine. We have history own our side. We should never be afraid to speak out.

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Well a good name for your group should not include atheist, agnostic or non-believer. Should be more like " (college name) freethought society/alliance"...
I think you will get a huge amount who will sign up. I agree with IDA on the name thing. Although I am sure there will be a backlash you can avoid it longer with a "Free Thinker", or "Defenders of Reason" type of moniker.
I am all for using Atheist in the name. That is what we are and the more the word is used the more people will get used to it. I am never afraid to hide what I proudly am.
I agree with you Kevin, we shouldn't be afraid of calling ourselves what we really are. Usually when I run into religous people I usually say mmm thats interesting, and make for the exits. I guess I feel like they will never understand being an atheists, just as I could never believe in fairy tales, but perhaps its time to speak out.
It is definitely the time to speak out and it doesn't have to be in a hostile way. Letting people know that there are atheists (and the numbers are growing all the time) will help us have a voice. Perhaps some will never understand our worldview but that doesn't mean we should hide. I cannot relate to a belief in god as I find it incredibily silly and juvenile but I still see lots of people who do not hide their religion.


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