While I realize Atheism in its purest form is belief in no god. I think this definition should be expanded.

In my view point the majority of people, whether they admit it or not are atheists. That is they....1. Anyone who is non religious, who thinks they are agnostic is still a nonbeliever. A believer puts religion as a priority in their life. Since agnostics can not define god, they are leading a godless lifestyle - horray

2. this one may get me in trouble but religion should be defined as that which you believe and follow. If you have not seen the inside of church etc, and god is not your focus you are in essence a closeted atheists.

I know that #2 is a bit of stretch, but this group is the first step towards atheism.

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actually if you think about it, our numbers are much higher. Since there are immortal and mortal penalties imposed by the major religions, for stating that you don't believe in god. they cannot claim that they have any followers who have chosen their religion of their own free will. therefore it must be assumed that these are all closet Athiests who's fear and/or brainwashing prevents them from announcing themselves.

so world population of Christians (punishment for disbelief is eternity in Hell)= 0
world population of Muslims (punishment murder by the "faithful", followed by eternity in hell)=0
Not sure the penalties for the Jewish religion, I suspect it is similar to the Christian one.so I will venture to say zero as well (please correct me if I am wrong)

population of Athiests (penalty for disbelief, none)= several Billion.
I'm working on getting my non-religious friends to drop their vague ambigious "something out there" for atheism. And my friends who are "agnostics" I'm getting to start adopting the A-word as well. Soon they will all be mine mwahahahaha!
I'm working on getting my non-religious friends/family to drop their vague ambiguity also and if reason/logical thinking doesn't get them then the truth will.


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