I will state clearly what my beliefs are when asked, and also believe it is important for atheists to make themselves known to each other and their community. However, I have always balked at wearing the scarlet A associated with the OUT Campaign. Anyone else have similar problems? Or did you dive right in?

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I like the scarlet A, mainly for the literary reference, but I don't wear it. Not that I wouldn't, I just don't own anything that has it other than a sticker on my car for our local atheist group: TAG (Tidewater Atheist Group, where the 'A' in TAG is the scarlet A).

Outside of that, I have and proudly wear an Atheist Nexus shirt and the atheist mantis shirt from tshirthell.com.
I had to look up the atheist mantis. Killed myself laughing! He looks so grumpy!
Yes! Atheist Mantis is my new favorite.

Well done; that's commitment. I have to ask though, how many people have asked you what the V stands for? *L*
Almost every time I go out I catch somebody looking at it and engage them about it or someone asks about it outright. It has sparked many good conversations (and, obviously, some not-so-good convos).

My left arm is currently being dedicated to paleoanthropology...
I like wearing mine. It's not that obvious and it interests people more than anything. It's also nice when you see someone else wearing it. I am normally weary of symbols and icons, particularly when they represent values or sacrifices, but the letter A just simply means Atheism. Sweet!
I didn't care for it much when I first saw it. But the more I see it and think about it the more I like it. I don't have a scarlet letter t-shirt yet but I want one and I will definitely wear it with pride.




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