Atheism has given me tools to really think things through being critical of them or re-assess them if need be. It allows me to think and think again deeply reflecting on this point or that point. Atheism has given me the courage, strength and fortitude to face my religious friends/family with the right ammunition. Yes, it was hard handling the transitional process of "coming out" to them. My personal integrity is at stake.

Pessimism has never been my forte! Never being complacent, I will fight for common sense, rational logic and reason over foolishly following religion as per my understanding of indoctrination/oppression! No, I cannot champion all the worthy humane causes but can give voice to this.

In light of rational thinking, the kid gloves (sugar-coating) are off! We can battle (arguments, points made... we can agree to disagree) about truth. I could tell you my story but you'd be crying inside of twenty minutes! My purpose is not to bring you down but to lift you. I have been lifted to remarkable outcomes from researching (before the internet/Google) and finding atheists like you and the countless others,(Atheists/Agnostics/Freethinkers) who left historical evidences (bread crumbs) for me to find, through (Libraries, queries, intuition and seeking knowledge) due diligence! No, they were not "out" like they are today! For that my deepest gratitude.

What has Atheism done for you? Or, How has it helped you?

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Well... I can understand that shedding religion and learning about the natural order (or chaos) of things can be pretty eye-opening and uplifting but I don't know that I would call that "Atheism." You almost made me shudder because you make it sound so religious. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a god or gods (although I've heard many different descriptions as well). The only thing I have in common with quite a few atheists that I know is the lack of belief in a god or gods.

I think I understand what you are getting at though; you even said it in your third paragraph. Rational thinking and truth are pretty powerful when you understand how to use and obtain them respectively. While I agree that more atheists use rationale than theists (duh), I wouldn't say that that is "Atheism."

I hope I didn't misunderstand you too much. I do appreciate this discussion as it comes up quite often in my circles.

Thanks for sharing!
Bryan, the natural order of chaos! What a great line. Sorry to sound preachy it is partly due to the religious upbringing, they were like shackles in fact. Shackles which needed to be removed through demystifying, rationalizing while living in the natural order of that chaos. Sounds religious, but not religious. I've worked to shed mysticism, superstitions, etc., etc. Religious music sounds secular to reach young people because they need new minions from the secular world.

Sometimes I sound angry when I am not, sometimes sad but am not. What I want to sound like is overjoyed, ecstatic with a new (preachy word) revelation, let's just call it a new resolution! Actually it was my belligerent attitude and questioning everything that kept me in trouble as a child. Had I known that it was religion sapping my mentality I would have kicked harder! As my mother would say, "Children should be seen, not heard!" or "Go ask your Father!"

Yes Nerd, the internet has been like a best friend, a librarian, a teacher, a mentor! It answers questions, allows me to think, explore things that piqued my curiosity. I feel as if I'm about to hit a new growth spurt! Feed me the facts, tell me like it is, I can handle the truth. To me this is serious fodder. We would not be floating in theism Nerd, no matter what. I know theism is not for me, which reminds me of what a secular person gave me as a child... a library card!!! That one act set me on a path to real learning! Now if I can just get the verbiage right... Damn it feels good to be here with all of you!
Sarah, I concur!
Atheism has freed me from the fear of not being "good enough." I was always afraid of pissing off a god who could even read my thoughts; just thinking about doing something was as bad as doing it!

An absurd thing to tell a child, but I was told all the time.
Yes! Medusa, freedom feels great! Now go think what you want to, be thoughtful and multiply!!


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