Here at the nexus I feel very comfortable and as a rational free thinking person I tend to look at things logistically and with reasoning. Honestly there are times when I just want to SCREAM!!! I AM A LESBIAN ATHEIST!! My psychiatrist is a theist so where does that leave me? My lesbian partner is also theist. We don't talk about religion and she is not a church goer but still clings to religion even when we argue about her recreational opiates. No, I am not into having pity parties nor am I looking to chew anyone out, but there are times when the isolation gets to even me.

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It's great to see that you can keep your sanity even when your own psychiatrist has his/her head in the clouds. It's a sad state of affairs when it comes to theism in real life. At least we have the internet :).
Yeah and we can tell it is a big help. Thanks. :)
The Internet is our (atheist) god! :-)
This sounds like the place to go. Even if I am hetero and do not understand the specific issues involved, I still understand the value of venting. So please Vent away.
Thanks so very much, I just went for a long walk and talked to myself seriously!
I suspect gay atheists vent in most of the same places the rest of us vent. I have heard from more than a few gay atheists that the atheist community tends to be quite a bit more tolerant of gay atheists than does the gay community.
other lesbian atheist? sorry i could not resist. I would go to those atheist meetings if you have one in your area. I have been to those and they love people that need to vent. thats what there for. Linda
Thanks for all of the suggestions...CAPS DO SOMETIMES MAKE A DIFFERENCE, the internet and that too Linda... other gay atheists. When I go crazy I'll stop here first :) Thanks guys.
That's a good one and a good laugh....
Yeah, we should be always.




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