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Spiritual without the spooks

A new study highlights the opposition between religion and non-religious spirituality. Moments of Spirituality Can Induce Liberal Attitudes…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Feb 26, 2013
Reply by Future

Pantheist-To be one or not

I have been calling myself a Pantheist now for a few years, happy to have found my true spiritual home, happy to have the freedom to do my…

Started by Ace

5 Jul 25, 2011
Reply by Nerdlass

"Death Anxiety" and the need for meaning

This news article shows how anxiety about death can facilitate religious belief, and how Sagan's approach to science-based meaning works as…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

0 May 24, 2011


I find it interesting that some atheists adamantly refuse to accept the possibility that religious spirituality is an outmoded, inflexible,…

Started by Howard S. Dunn

1 Feb 20, 2010
Reply by Roy The Infidel

'We Are All Connected' by Symphony of Science

Featuring Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Nye

Started by Mike Layfield

1 Oct 22, 2009
Reply by Ajita Kamal

Rene' Peoc'h telekinesis experiments

From pp 271-3 of RUPERT SHELDRAKE'S "DOGS THAT KNOW WHEN THEIR OWNERS ARE COMING HOME" Human intentions can bring about effects at a dista…

Started by Heidi Guedel

6 Oct 19, 2009
Reply by Heidi Guedel

Thoughts on the Spirituality of Atheism by C. George Boeree

This brief essay is, of course, uniquely Boree's. There's a phrase or two that I'm not fully in agreement with, but I think it very nicely…

Started by Nate

2 Sep 25, 2009
Reply by Nate

The Case for Naturalistic Spirituality by Tom Clark, founder and director of the Center for Naturalism

The Case for Naturalistic Spirituality Because most folks are dualists, the idea of naturalistic spirituality still seems a contradiction i…

Started by Nate

2 Sep 17, 2009
Reply by Jim Mo.

Spiritual Fire- An atheist's view of love

From Ebon Musings: Spiritual Fire An atheist's view of love Some theists think it a very clever argument to ask an atheist if they believ…

Started by Nate

5 Jul 9, 2009
Reply by Diana Agorio

Finding Beauty in the Mundane

From Ebon Musings: Finding Beauty in the Mundane A meditation on the simple things that matter One of the most sobering lessons neuroscien…

Started by Nate

7 Jul 1, 2009
Reply by Kitty




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